Rearranging Chairs On The Sinking Academic Ship – Claudine Gay Is Gone, But The DEI Problems Remain

by William A. Jacobson at

Claudine Gay had no choice but to resign, she had lost all credibility and was damaging Harvard’s brand. She would have presided over a zombie presidency.


I previously wrote that I thought it would be better for the country if she stayed in the position, to keep the focus on the DEI ideological rot that lifted her into the presidency and which she championed, It’s important to Harvard that its brand survive Claudine Gay. It’s important to America that it doesn’t.

I don’t care about the “Harvard” brand, which signifies the smugness, classism, and elitism that makes me want to puke. It’s not just the Harvard brand under pressure, most of the ‘elite’ colleges and universities, particularly the Ivy League, are damaged by their reactions to Hamas’ October 7 massacre. How bad the damage is and how long it lasts remains to be seen, but it’s not a bad thing if it is deserved – and in most cases it is.

Academia has been corrupted and hollowed out by the rot caused by the DEI agenda, which elevates group identity over the individual, and skin color and physical appearance over merit. It’s also a part of why “The anti-American activists are the anti-Capitalist activists are the anti-Israel activists”.

The corruption and rot caused by DEI is on full display, and Claudine Gay has become its poster child. While on substance she should be gone, having her stay in place serves the function of keeping the focus on the DEI farce. The Harvard brand may have to fall so that a better academia can rise.

It’s important to Harvard that its brand survive Claudine Gay. It’s important to American that it doesn’t.