Hamas Denies Rapes, Claims Abducted Israeli Women Were Treated Well

by JOEL B. POLLAK at breitbart.com

The Palestinian terrorist group Hamas once again denied that its members committed rape and sexual violence during the October 7 attacks, despite ample evidence from eyewitnesses and forensic evidence recently documented by the New York Times.

The Times of Israel reported Monday:

Hamas refutes the New York Times report on the weaponization of rape and sexual violence during the Gaza terror group’s brutal onslaught against Israel on October 7.

In a statement in Arabic and English, Hamas politburo member Basem Naim claims that the Western media and news agencies are “biased to what the Israeli propaganda says [in terms of] lies and slanders against the Palestinians and their resistance.”

Describing the October 7 savagery as “glorious,” Naim falsely claims that the New York Times report was based on accounts given indirectly by “women who said they heard other women repeating these allegations,” but there is “no conclusive evidence” that rapes took place.