More Biden secret recordings on the Bidens

by Kevin Jackson at

I’m getting used to shaking my head when it comes to the deal-making by the Bidens. I’m most taken aback by the sanctimonious scoffing of Democrats at the mention of their dual-system of justice.

What do you think would happen if Trump were under investigation for bribery and his brother had been secretly recorded by the FBI? How quickly would we have found out. And would there be a statute of limitations on the outrage of Leftists?

So what took so long for us to learn that Joe Biden’s younger brother James was secretly recorded by the FBI during a bribery investigation. The case involved a Mississippi trial attorney who paid $100,000 to Biden’s consulting firm in the late 1990s, according to a published report.

WaPo reported that trial attorney Richard Scruggs hired James and Sara Biden’s DC consulting firm to create support for tobacco legislation being contemplated by Congress in 1998. In the end, the Bidens were not implicated. However, that doesn’t mean they weren’t guilty.