January 1st brings Health Care for All Illegal Immigrants, and Crazifornia’s Universal Health Care

by Katy Grimes at californiaglobe.com

CA Democrats passed a new untested government-run system, with no ability to opt out or choose private coverage instead

In 2019, California achieved another first, but it was not something to crow about. California became the first state to provide taxpayer-funded health coverage to illegal aliens age 19 to 25, when Democrats and Gov. Gavin Newsom signed the state budget.

The Globe reported, “Once lawmakers realized that they could pass major state policy – not through the proper committee process which include public hearings, public oversight – but through a $1,000 appropriation in a trailer bill, too many of the big changes in the budget are now buried in massive quantities of text and decided behind closed doors.”

The coverage is under Medi-Cal, California’s health insurance program for the poor, disabled, and now for those living in the country and state illegally.

State officials estimated about 90,000 additional people would quality at a cost of $98 million per year.

This was done despite that 93 percent of Californians have health insurance – the California Legislature approved the tax to California citizens who do not buy health insurance.

But it was even worse than just covering the health care costs for those in the state and country illegally. Newsom’s and Democrats’ SB78 created the “Individual Mandate” to require Californians to purchase health insurance, and imposes a fine for failure to do so.