As a deadline passes, Canadian diplomats remain in India

by Evan Dyer at

Despite an Indian ultimatum for Canada to draw down its diplomatic presence by about two-thirds, all or almost all Canadian diplomats remain in India, CBC News has learned.

The Financial Times first reported on Oct. 3 that India had issued a demand for “parity” in the numbers of diplomats present in the two countries.

India claimed to have only 21 accredited diplomats in Canada, and said that Canada had 62 in India, spread across its High Commission in New Delhi and four consulates in Mumbai, Chandigarh, Kolkata and Bengaluru. 

The Financial Times reported that New Delhi had given Canada until Oct. 10 to withdraw 41 diplomats, to make the two diplomatic contingents equal in size. If the diplomats remained in the country, they would lose their diplomatic immunity from arrest and prosecution.

Since that date, Canadian officials had refused to answer questions about Canada’s intentions or the whereabouts or movements of Canadian diplomats.