How Will Modern Spin Doctors Address The Demise Of America’s Most Famous Eco-Terrorist?

by Conor Coughlin at

When Theodore Kaczynski, the Harvard trained professor was arrested by the FBI in the UNABOM (UNiversities and Airline BOMbing) case, it had become the most expensive investigation in US history. After seventeen years, and several deaths the FBI had finally captured the world’s most well-known Eco-Terrorist in 1996. The Unabomber recently died from a prisoner suicide, which will leave the media-entertainment-complex struggling to determine if he was a zero, or a true hero to green revolutionaries.

The media will use their own standard to judge this former professor from the University of California, Berkeley that had been sending bombs to his former university colleagues, and others. All while writing a rather bizarre manifesto, that nobody in the media wants to talk about today. When Kaczynski was hired by UC Berkeley in 1967, he was a only 25 years old. The youngest professor ever hired by UC Berkeley, quit his position teaching mathematics in 1969 with little explanation. The deranged mathematician apparently wasn’t exactly a team player making the right contributions to society, which was obvious from his writings.

How will media Fact Checkers address the work product of this former Golden Boy, that the academic community had once placed on a very high pedestal?

After all, Kaczynski had written a manifesto that was just as logical as the one presented by Karl Marx, and much more insightful than the Davos Manifesto that was produced by professor Klaus Schwab back in 1973. Except, those Socialist leaders were writing about ethics in the business practices, while the Unabomber was ranting about his deep hatred of left-wingers in the academic community. Now days, no one wants to talk about why Theodore Kaczynski had become such a confused and angry young man. He had been granted all the privileges of the academic elites, but somehow came to distrust his peers with a great passion. How could he have fallen so far, with all that support?

The reasons for Kaczynski’s extreme anger with leftest ideology, may relate to his participation in the MK-Ultra Project that was conducted at Harvard University. In which Harvard psychologist Henry Murray, would engage in a “purposely brutalizing psychological experiment” using LSD, to invoke expressions of anger and rage. It was Murray himself that called his experiments “vehement, sweeping, and personally abusive” attacks, which were used to monitor the subject’s physiological reactions. Years later Kaczynski’s lawyers attributed those experiments to his hostility towards ‘mind control’ techniques, and stated that he resented Murrey and his co-workers for the invasion of his privacy.

What was conveniently forgotten by mainstream media, was Kaczynski’s relationships with radical groups like Earth First!, the Rainforest Action Network, and the clowns at the Ted Turner-founded Ruckus Society. Americans weren’t supposed to notice these so-called green groups, were taking credit for organizing the mass actions against the WTO (World Trade Organization) meeting in Seattle. Which were presenting Anarchism as an alternative choice to the crony Capitalism of the WTO, or what the elites now refer to as Stakeholder Capitalism. Which shouldn’t be confused with Natural Capitalism, that had been introduced by highly educated elites back in 1999.

As one of over 50,000 people that had come to peacefully march at that WTO meeting, I don’t believe those radicals represented the best interest of any US citizens. Most people had come to protest that Communist China was being welcomed into the WTO, they hadn’t come to trash the business community of downtown Seattle. The Anarchist hadn’t come to Seattle to represent any American values, regardless of what media outlets may claim today.

That would be as dumb as an honest American pretending to support the Ruckus Society, and its newest idiotic slogan of “Pick a fight. Break the rule. Build the New. Change the game with The Ruckus Action Network”. That message may perfectly sums up the intellectual philosophy of corporate media, and their leftist followers. The media doesn’t care if it demonstrates a total lack of commonsense.

In their minds, that is how business is conducted in the New World Order. How could they possibly know that in real businesses, customers purchase products with their own money.

Whereas, Socialist deal in imaginary green products, using other peoples money to market premium-priced EPA products to their fellow Marxist entrepreneurs. Then boast about saving money, energy and the climate by making a better choice in selecting government “certified” energy-saving products.

That marketplace includes groups like the Berkeley California-China Climate Institute, which are allowed to create their own Climate Corps® as part of a Global Alliance of Universities on Climate economic model. Which are tied into other groups like Global Exchange, another radical international organization that was also instrumental in the direct action initiatives at the Seattle WTO meeting. That group claims to have been working with global allies since 1988, which was when NASA/UN scientist allegedly first produced the Settled Science behind the current global warming narrative.

Those deep-thinkers are kissing cousins to the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF), whose business division had created its own Climate Corps® back in 2008. This made the EDF perfectly positioned to take advantage when the Dept of Energy released its EPA: Lead By Example guidelines in 2009. The Obama-Biden regime used that initiative to direct state bureaucrats to “estimate” energy-saving values from the EPA’s premium-priced brand of ENERGY STAR products. That had allegedly began to produce 25% to 50% more electrical savings, than similar products and services.

That was an easily provable lie, but nobody ever really cared if any electrical energy was being saved. The big money was in marketing carbon-credits, and then pretend it was going to make the sky turn blue once again.

The EDF also claims their Climate Corps® is an innovative fellowship program, that trains talented and passionate graduate students, then pairs them with companies and public institutions dedicated to meeting their climate and energy goals. There is no need for math skills for these political officers. A bureaucratic energy experts, will never have to describe how energy consumption has been reduced by the use of their product line. Nobody cares if those government-owned products work as advertised.

Its also why Americans aren’t allowed to know about the California Berkeley-China brand of climate goodness, which is run by former CA governor JerryMoonbeam’ Brown. His government-funded group is marketing energy efficiency training courses to their Communist Chinese partners, with a goal of making China’s industrial sector more efficient and productive. As Joe Biden’s corrupt EPA is imposing draconian regulations on all US businesses. This is being done under the guise of leveling the playing field for UN business-driven groups, like the Green Industrial Platform that can market EPA products to wealthy aristocrats at the WEF. In which no competition is allowed.

The average American business could will never compete against a UN enterprises like the Partnership for Action on Green Economy (PAGE), that is funded by the European Union, Germany, Finland, Norway, Republic of Korea, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Arab Emirates. Non-profit UN business enterprise like PAGE don’t actually produce any product, they make their money by simply talking about imaginary electrical energy-savings. Then making people assume that EPA “certified” energy efficiency products and services possess extraordinary electrical powers. The math can get a little fuzzy when all values are estimates, provided by bureaucrats with a financial interest.

So Theodore Kaczynski may yet be seen as a true-blue green hero by the media. Fake News will probably need to conjure up a story how the manic mathematician, had come to terms with his love/hate relationship with his hard-left benefactors before his demise. A consensus will be formed!

It may take a couple hits of LSD, and some electro-shock therapy to get any sane person to believe that new version of reality. But with time, and lots of drugs, even a brilliant university professor could be made to embrace the superior logic of the Ruckus Society. Especially, if it is presented as a moral and market imperative by the Council of Inclusive Capitalism.