Christmas 2023 — Mary to the Angel, ‘How Will This Be, Since I Am a Virgin?


Christians across the world celebrate Christmas 2023 this week – the birth of Jesus Christ in Bethlehem, a town in Israel about a 45-minute modern drive east of Jerusalem. But Christians have a uniquely high regard for Jesus’ birth, proclaiming as an essential belief of the Christian faith that Jesus was born to a virgin mother, miraculously conceived by the God who created the universe – proclaiming that Jesus is the divine Son of God.

In Christianity, this is called the Incarnation – that God himself took on a human body and lived a human life. It is one of the essential beliefs of the Christian faith: that the divine Son of God, born of a virgin, would live a perfect life, decades later would die on a cross outside of Jerusalem, would be physically resurrected, and will one day come again in glory to remake the world.