Biden Admin’s Latest Subsidy Proposal May Undercut Its Own Green Energy Agenda


The Biden administration proposed eligibility rules for hydrogen industry subsidies Friday, but some conditions may ultimately stymie innovation and production of the technology, Bloomberg News reported.

Hydrogen is one of the key green energy technologies that the administration is counting on to replace fossil fuels on the path to reaching its goal of a fully decarbonized power sector by 2035. The proposed rules for billions of dollars of hydrogen subsidies are governed by strict environmental constraints intended to ensure that hydrogen production does not generate more emissions than it effectively cancels out, but green energy trade groups say that those conditions may actually stifle the nascent industry, according to Bloomberg.

The Biden administration and environmentalists consider hydrogen fuel to be a crucial tool to decarbonize heavy-duty transportation, as well as the production of steel and cement, according to Bloomberg. However, the hydrogen fuel production is in its infancy and has yet be proven effective and economical at scale.

Biden attempting to shove his green new dystopia down our throats.

— Daily Caller (@DailyCaller) September 18, 2023