Senator Rand Paul’s 2022 Report’ Uncovers a Startling $9 BILLION in Government Waste

by Warner Todd Huston at

Every year, Kentucky Republican Senator Rand Paul tries to lighten the mood a bit even while taking of a serious topic with his annual “Festivus Report” on government waste, and this year, he has highlighted an astounding nine hundred billion dollars in waste.

Yes, that is billions with a “b.”

This year, Sen. Paul trenchantly notes, “No matter how much money the government has already wasted, politicians keep demanding even more.”

Ain’t it the truth?

Festivus, of course, is the joke “holiday” created by the legendary 1990s sitcom Seinfeld. And Sen. Paul has been invoking Festivus for a fun Christmas-time tradition.

This year, Paul found “a whopping ~$900,000,000,000 of waste – nearly double last year’s report – including an NIH grant to study Russian cats walking on a treadmill, Barbies used as proof of ID for receiving COVID Paycheck Protection Program funds, $6 million to promote tourism in Egypt, and $200 million to ‘struggling artists’ like Post Malone, Chris Brown, and Lil Wayne.”