Workers vote to remove union at Capitol Hill’s Glo’s Diner

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Workers at Capitol Hill’s Glo’s Diner say they have voted to end representation by Restaurant Workers United, opting to go it alone when it comes to working with management over issues of scheduling, wages, and workplace safety.

Workers who were part of organizing the union as the diner reopened this summer in its new location above Capitol Hill Station have not been available to discuss the decertification vote with one telling CHS they were too shocked about the outcome to immediately comment.

Representatives for the tiny Restaurant Workers United which has been active in only a few workplaces across the country also have opted not to comment at this time.

UPDATE 11/6/2023: CHS spoke with Sean Case, a Glo’s employee who worked to organize the union and opposed the decertification, here: Worker who tried to organize Glo’s, owner talk about decertification vote, what’s next for Capitol Hill diner

In a statement, Glo’s owners Julie Reisman and Steve Frias who voluntarily recognized the union this summer as they prepared for opening in the new location, said the change will help the business stabilize after a challenging start.

“Now that the staff is settled on this matter, we can turn our attention more fully toward what we do best, which is preparing and serving our food to our loyal guests and the greater community,” they write in a statement sent in response to a CHS inquiry. “We look forward to stabilizing our operations in our new space so we can re-engage with our local community and establish the best way to commence a new look community service program.”

The full statement from Glo’s ownership — signed Moving forward — is below.

Azriel Vovin, who tells CHS he worked with others among Glo’s two dozen or so employees to file the decertification petition, said the result of this week’s vote is not an argument against the value of unions and worker rights.