UPenn Faculty Warn of ‘Hostile Takeover’ as Trustees and Donors Take Action Over Anti-Semitism on Campus

by Mike LaChance at legalinsurrection.com

Some faculty members at the University of Pennsylvania are under the impression that the school is experiencing a ‘hostile takeover’ as alumni and donors withhold support due to the anti-Semitism scandals at the school and trustees attempt to fix the problem.


The resignation of former President Liz Magill was apparently a tipping point for many of these folks.

The Daily Mail reports:

UPenn staff warn of ‘hostile takeover’ by trustees and donors after billionaire investor Marc Rowan called on all alumni to cease donations in the wake of anti-Semitism scandal on campus before President Magill’s resignation

Staff at the University of Pennsylvania have expressed concern about a ‘hostile takeover’ by trustees and donors after billionaire alum Mar Rowan asked the school’s board to consider its policies.

More than 900 members of the Ivy League’s faculty have accused alumni and donors of meddling with the school’s academic policies in an open letter to the University Board of Trustees.

The letter by the Faculty Senate comes after Wharton Board of Advisors Chair Rowan sent an email where he described a campus ‘culture’ that ‘distracted from UPenn’s core mission of scholarship, research, and academic excellence.’

In his email titled ‘Moving Forward,’ Rowan asked trustees to consider whether the school should eliminate certain unnamed departments and examine ‘the general policies for the admission of membership into the Faculty,’ as reported by The Daily Pennsylvanian.

Rowan was one of the alumni who called on president Liz Magill to resign after she failed to say calls for a genocide of Jews violated UPenn’s policies. He also led a campaign to end donations to the school over its response to anti-Semitism on campus.