Joe Biden Spent Decades Villainizing People Like His Son


President Joe Biden has spent his decades lambasting the rich who dodge taxes, targeting those who illegally own firearms and railing against those who use crack cocaine — all of which became pastimes for his son Hunter.

Hunter Biden is currently facing 12 criminal counts, nine of which are tax-related charges. Three of those are felonies, in addition to three felony gun charges. The first son has a history of addiction to crack cocaine and also recently stood up a congressional subpoena. The White House has steadily insisted President Joe Biden stands by his son, whom he loves very much and supports, but in the political arena, Biden has a long history of villainizing people just like Hunter.

Back in 1991, while on the Senate floor, Joe Biden called for those who were in possession of crack cocaine to be jailed for five years. Biden wrote a piece of legislation in 1994, most commonly known as the crime bill, which cracked down on drug possession and funded drug treatment programs, The Washington Post reported. The law enacted a five-year minimum sentence for individuals who trafficked 500 grams of powder cocaine or five grams of crack.

Sixteen years after the bill was enacted, Biden switched his position, calling the legislation “a profound mistake” in 2019 that he was seeking to correct, according to The Washington Post. During his presidency, the Biden administration backed a piece of legislation that limited disparities in crack and powder cocaine offenses, the outlet reported.