MIT Students Build New Hope For Free Speech

By CDM Staff at

MIT Students for Open Inquiry are facilitating a rebirth of free speech in Marxist Massachusetts.

The MIT Students for Open Inquiry are revitalizing viewpoint diversity and creative ideas.

We are the MIT Students for Open Inquiry (MITSOI), America’s newest college organization for free speech and academic freedom. We’re leading the campaign to support MIT exploration of unique, vibrant ideas in overlooked or controversial fields.

MITSOI platforms independent-thinking speakers to explore worthwhile perspectives rarely discussed in mainstream academia and news. We welcome all opinions on these perspectives. We believe that colleges especially should lead the development of intellectual curiosity and fearless discovery, opening spaces for questioning and engaging with uncommon narratives, and equipping the next generation of leaders with critical thinking skills. Through our principles, we’re building a beacon for free speech and open inquiry in academia. We’ve defended without hesitation our speakers’ right to come to MIT and share their ideas.

Many students applaud our bold stance, thanking us for giving them hope at MIT. The response from faculty, alumni, and public onlookers was overwhelmingly positive, with many notes of thanks and relief that finally, action was taken at MIT to restore open inquiry and shatter the atmosphere of fear that grips those who challenge orthodoxy.