Harvard = Bud Light

by William A. Jacobson at legalinsurrection.com

My appearance on the Lou Dobbs podcast: “I don’t mean to laugh about it, but this is insane. You have somebody who’s a complete failure, who embarrassed the university, who cost them a billion dollars, who gets caught plagiarizing, and they’re going stand with her…. Maybe they think their brand can’t be permanently tarnished because it’s Harvard. Well, you know what? The people who branded Bud Light thought the same thing, and they found out differently.”

I appeared on the Lou Dobbs podcast The Great America Show to talk about the decline of the most elite academic institutions as displayed in the pathetic testimony before Congress of the presidents of Harvard, U. Penn, and MIT.

This is my second time on Lou’s podcast. Having done hundreds of interviews over the years, I appreciate someone with Lou’s easy-going style of interviewing. Some interviewers make it about them, others give the guest the opportunity to shine. Lou is the latter.

Most of the focus was on Harvard, including president Claudine Gay’s plagiarism scandal.