Has Our Senate Assigned US Policy To The Highly Educated Crowd Pushing Inclusive Capitalism?

by Conor Coughlin at N4mation.org

Will US Senators abdicate their Constitutional duties, by allowing a new international non-profit group called the Council on Inclusive Capitalism to advocate for making America’s economic system more dynamic and sustainable? This new-age Capitalism council was founded by Lynn Forester de Rothschild in 2022, who was appointed to serve on President Clinton’s National Information Infrastructure Advisory Council from 1993 to 1995. It was during that period of time the Clinton regime used an Executive Order, mandating that every sub-division of government purchase only EPA-approved products and services as part of a federal initiative known as Market Transformation. That duplicitous policy was allegedly founded on much older scientific research, produced by universities and National Laboratories for the Dept of Energy. Which was never shared with the public, or debated on by Congress.

The year before, the former CIA Director George H. W. Bush had his Dept of Energy create the ENERGY STAR program. That massive government program was initiated during the 3-way Presidential contest of 1992, pitting Bush against Bill Clinton and the Texas billionaire Ross Perot. The former Democrat Attorney General Bill Clinton from Arkansas won the election, but Perot went on to win 19% of the popular vote without a political party. Perot’s popularity was secured by sage advice like The dumbest folks in college are studying to be teachers“, a statement that should be kept in mind when considering the subject of educational consortium’s. Especially, as it applies to the non-profit groups engaged in international commerce and the climate science of the UN.

Lynn Forester de Rothschild, is the co-chair for the Council on Inclusive Capitalism, and a graduate from Pomona College in California and the Columbia University School of Law. Which may explain why all of her fellow business associates, appear to lack any understanding of our Conflict of Interest laws. However, it may provide some context for Perot’s claim that “4 out of 5 newly graduated teachers were “incompetent”, he wasn’t crazy when he proposed literacy and competency tests for that industry. Perot simply had a better understanding of how honest business was conducted, and it certainly didn’t involve the Orwellian philosophies crafted by education bureaucrats and Hollywood producers.

Corporate media failed to disclosed that Lynn Forester de Rothschild had sat on a US Secretary of Energy advisory committee from 1998 to 2000, in a crucial period of time during California’s failed deregulation fiasco. That corrupt legislative process resulted in the California Energy Crisis of 2000-2001, when federal regulators turned a blind-eye to the epidemic of phony “Power Trades” and “Fiber Swaps” that were used to drive up electricity rates by 50% in West Coast states. That massive government-operated enterprise was later white-washed, by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to protect the green agenda that had been pushed by California governor Gray Davis.

Governor Davis had just been recalled by the people, for his role in that multi-billion dollar Public Integrity Fraud. Only to have the political elites stab the California voters in the back, when they secretly created the West Coast Governors Global Warming Initiative in 2003. The political class had decided these three Democrat governors had a higher authority, than the US Senate that had soundly rejected the UN’s Kyoto Protocols after careful consideration. That didn’t sit well with the rich investors involved with the Public/Private partnerships, particularly those operated by the aristocrats at the World Economic Forum. That group was founded on a manifesto produced by Klaus Schwab, the university professor that had crafted his own multi-stakeholder concept for a Fourth Industrial Revolution back in 1971.

That was back in the era when purple heart recipient John Kerry, was claiming that his fellow veterans in Vietnam were the true villains. While Hollywood was portraying Hanoi Jane Fonda, as their symbol of the anti-war protest movement taking place among the ‘high’ education gang promoting world peace on college campuses. Just about every upside-down economic policy initiative from the past, are now being investigated for issues related to the actions of administrations at major research universities. Which are often controlled by people with degrees in liberal arts, and most have zero experience in any business.

What media Spin Doctors don’t want citizens to consider, is that members of the Inclusive Capitalism gang, also includes both the California State Treasurer and CALPERS Marcie Frost, along with dignitaries like IBM’s ethically-challenged CEO Arvind Krishna. News outlets need to avoid questions regarding other Inclusive CEO’s like Nzinga Graham-Smith, the risk taking founder of the Forevergreen Group. This entrepreneurial team builder is said to be embracing failures, that strengthen her leadership and team work ethics. She apparently thrives on achieving the impossible, and being ambassadorial. A new term, being applied to the thought leaders in an entirely new genre of industry; M&A Investment Consortiums.

Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) is a term that refers to combining of two businesses, which is a strange way to consider an educational enterprise. According to the Investopedia, Consortiums are often found in the non-profit sector, among educational institutions that pool the resources of libraries, research activities, and professors, that then share them throughout the members of the group. Which then present their extracurricular activities as benefiting their students, who are completely clueless about normal business practices.

Several groups of North American colleges and universities operate as consortium’s, such as the Five College Consortium in Massachusetts. These are the types of universities that would embrace the business theories of Dan Ariely from IRRATIONAL CAPITAL, who has produced several informative manuscripts like “The Upside of Irrationality: The Unexpected Benefits of Defying Logic, and The Honest Truth About Dishonesty: How We Lie to Everyone—Especially Ourselves”. Which is probably found in every university library, next to Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto on how to create a diverse and inclusive society.

Other educational partnerships between institutions include the Quaker Consortium with three liberal arts colleges, and the University of Pennsylvania. Its competing with the Big Ten Academic Alliance that recently announced a Big Ten Open Books Project, with a new collection centered on Gender and Sexuality studies. Then there is the California’s Colleges Consortium, which apparently is dedicated to working on fixing the school to prison pipeline industry in California. If your not familiar with these cutting-edge programs, you may not be part of the social Darwinism movement that is flourishing at the universities of lower expectations.

All of the language covering this journey from One Earth to One World government has been clearly outlined in 300-page report from 1989. The Report of the World Commission on Environment and Development, appears to reflect the New World Order agenda of George H W Bush. When the former US Ambassador to the UN, signed the USA onto the Agenda 21 Development Plan that has been delivering the green stuff to the true believers for many years.

Should we now count on our US Senators to play along with the UN’s pathetic COP Clown Show, produced by, and for the interest of Big Oil boys? Should voters actually believe Arab Oil Sheikhs are real environmentalist, making actionable commitments to this inclusive form of Capitalism? Which requires their adherence to the WEF International Business Council’s Pillars, for the creation of sustainable values. Those values include; People, Planet, Principles of Governance and Prosperity— and that advance the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Profits are no longer of interest to Inclusive Capitalist, because that term was found to be offensive by the entrepreneurs operating from the Ivory Towers of academia.