University of Washington Gives One of Only 12 Female Volleyball Scholarships to Trans Athlete


A male-born transgender athlete appears set to be awarded one of only 12 female volleyball scholarships at the University of Washington, a report finds.

Tate Drageset, a 17-year-old transgender “girl” who apparently began “transitioning” at the age of 12, made a verbal commitment to attend the school in June and will be awarded one of Washington’s Division 1 athletic scholarships, according to Reduxx

Drageset has already been part of several girls’ volleyball teams that made it to state championships, and this year, he was named the MVP at the Girls Junior National Championships. Drageset also won the California Interscholastic Federation’s Division 5 Player of the 2022-23 Year.

Despite the well-known accolades, what has been less well known is that Drageset is transgender and was born a male. None of his teams, schools, or volleyball associations have revealed that he is a male playing as a transgender girl.