‘Let’s have that conversation’: Idaho lawmakers go to Oregon to discuss Greater Idaho

by RYAN SUPPE at idahostatesman.com

Two Idaho lawmakers Thursday met with state and local officials in Oregon to discuss the Greater Idaho movement, which would trade a dozen or more Oregon counties to Idaho. Reps. Barbara Ehardt, R-Idaho Falls, and Judy Boyle, R-Midvale, met in Baker City, Oregon, with an Oregon House member and Malheur County commissioner. While the attendees had little to say about what was discussed, the Thursday meeting was the first time lawmakers from each state met to talk about the long-shot proposal that would shift Oregon’s border westward. Ehardt said she’s been “fascinated” by the idea, which could increase Idaho’s land and access to natural resources, such as timber and minerals. The Oregonians seeking to join Idaho are like-minded people who share Idaho values, Ehardt said, “especially those old-fashioned, traditional values.” “Let’s have that conversation,” she said. “This is something that’s highly important to a lot of people. It makes sense to me, and I’m ready to continue to move forward with the conversation.”