“COP28’s Fossil Fuel Phaseout: A Comedy of Errors”

by Charles Rotter at wattsupwiththat.com



In a performance worthy of the finest comedians, the COP28 climate summit has managed to turn its bold proclamation of ending fossil fuels into a farcical retreat. Politico’s recent article, dated December 11, 2023, paints a vivid picture of this tragicomic scene.

Dramatic U-Turn in the Land of Oil

The article begins with a dramatic setting: the oil-rich United Arab Emirates, where the once-loud calls for a fossil fuel phaseout have been reduced to mere whispers of ‘reducing’ them. This grandiose plan, initially supported by environmental groups and certain nations, has fizzled out, much to the chagrin of activists and self-proclaimed environmental saviors. As Politico puts it,

“The prospect of a deal to end fossil fuels faded…when organizers…released a draft proposal that merely suggested reducing them instead.”