Why Did Princeton Hire a Former Iran Official Who Traveled to Soleimani’s Funeral?

by Tyler O’Neil at dailysignal.com

While a Princeton University student languished in an Iranian prison, Iranian official-turned-Princeton professor Seyed Mousavian not only refused to help the student but took Tehran’s side in a conversation with the student’s wife by insisting that the student must have broken one or more of the mullahs’ laws.

“I spent 1,216 days in an Iranian jail,” former Princeton student Xiyue Wang told The Daily Signal in an interview last month. “My wife insisted on having a meeting with Mousavian to talk about my case.”

Princeton repeatedly told Wang and his wife that they should not bother Mousavian, he recalled, but ultimately the university agreed to set up the meeting.

Wang recalled the professor’s words:


Mousavian, in the meeting, told my wife, “Wang has certainly done something wrong to be in that situation. He must have violated an Iranian law. That’s why he was arrested and sentenced. There’s nothing I can do.”

“This is the mentality of this person,” Wang said of Mousavian in the interview with The Daily Signal. “He thinks like the [Iranian] regime. He talks like the regime, and Princeton allows that to happen, despite its student being taken hostage.”