Get That Chanukia Away From The Christmas Tree

by Jeff Dunetz at

It happens every year at this time: the battles of political correctness. One of two things happens when a community puts up a Christmas tree. There is a battle to take it down, especially in his year of widespread anti-Semitissm; someone fights to get a Chanukkiyah (that’s its real name, not Menorah), Kwanzaa candles, or a symbol of some other religion’s holiday placed right next to it. Then Fox News follows by running stories about the latest battle in the “war against Christmas,” The ACLU, representing some atheist group, starts suing any town whose mayor even once drove near a church, mosque, and/or synagogue.

Hey, ACLU: Give it up! America is a Majority Christian country.

The First Amendment isn’t supposed to stop Christians from celebrating their faith; it’s supposed to stop the majority from crapping on the other faiths.

People who see December as the opportune time for the celebration of politically correct multicultural nonsense have to stop! I understand that people are trying to be fair and respect everyone’s faith, but he is idiotic and upsets the Christians practicing their faith and, to be honest, ruins the meaning of the holiday celebrated by the Jewish Nation.

I can’t speak for the other faiths, but I can tell you that as Jewish holidays go, Chanukah is among the least important; unlike the big holidays like Passover, Sukkot, or Shavuot, you can work, drive, etc.

We appreciate the thought, but it’s sacrilegious. Nothing goes against the true meaning of Chanukah (the candelabra for Chanukah-not a menorah)  more than placing a Chanukkiyah near a Christmas  er “holiday tree” or using a Magen David (Jewish star)  as a tree ornament. The true meaning of Chanukah is the exact opposite of that multicultural rubbish.