‘I’m So Proud Of You For Coming Out As A Furry!’: Ex-Rep. Santos Continues To Fall Upwards With $500 Cameo Messages

by HAILEY GOMEZ at dailycaller.com

Former Republican New York Rep. George Santos continues to draw attention as he has recently charged $500 per personalized message request on Cameo, with a recent video dedicated to congratulating a “furry.”

Following his Dec. 1 expulsion from Congress, Santos announced he would be joining the personalized video messaging platform, Cameo. The platform allows users to pay a specific amount for celebrities or well-known figures signed up to the site to recite a crafted message written by the buyer.

Within the first 48 hours, Santos had lined up enough videos to reportedly surpass his previous $174,000 congressional salary, according to Semafor. Santos originally priced his videos at $75 each, however, he has been raising his prices as interest increased, reportedly currently charging $500 per message, according to a CBS NY interview.

“I can tell you that by the end of this week, that is actually factual. I will have made more money in seven days than I would’ve made in an entire year in Congress,” Santos told CBS NY.