Brilliant Mask Dropping – Kevin McCarthy Proves Republicans Only Love Money

by Sundance at

Before watching this short statement by former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy {Direct Rumble Link}, let me remind everyone of the baseline truth.

Democrats want power; Republicans want money. Threaten Democrats power, they get vicious. Threaten Republicans money, they get vicious. Democrats use money to get power; Republicans use power to get money. The ideology of the democrats drives their donor activity. The donor activity drives the republican ideology.

This is the core and essential difference between both wings of the DC UniParty, two wings of the same vulture.  This is the truth of the thing. Underline it, put it on Post-It notes, remind yourself of this baseline in all review of both parties.  This is the core motive behind everything!

To hammer this point home, listen to this soundbite from Kevin McCarthy speaking at Oxford University, U.K.