Flawed Delta Tunnels Project Takes Big Financial and Legal Hit

by Katy Grimes at californiaglobe.com The controversial Delta Conveyance Project, which would install a massive tunnel to move water under the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta, took a major financial and legal hit this week, after a Sacramento County judge ruled California can’t issue bonds to fund the project, Courthouse News reported. In 2019, shortly after taking office, California Gov. Gavin […]

China and California are leading the way on climate cooperation. Others should follow

by Fan Dai at ccci.berkeley.edu California governor Gavin Newsom’s delegation is building on existing research and policy initiatives with China, showing that effective climate action can happen below the national level. For the past few years, US–China relations have been icy. We’ve witnessed spy balloons shot down, meetings cancelled, lines of communication severed and insults […]

Happy $20 Billion in Debt New Year: Drowning EDD Sinking Further

by Thomas Buckley at californiaglobe.com Globa Culpa. In October 2023, the Globe predicted the total EDD unemployment trust fund debt – principal and interest – would hit $20 billion. https://californiaglobe.com/fr/fed-unemployment-debt-to-hit-20-billion/  We were wrong – that didn’t happen until January 3, 2024.  Even though six of those nine days were weekends or holidays and don’t really count, we were still […]

California Assemblyman Introduces Bill to End All Taxpayer Funding of Healthcare for Illegal Immigrants

by Katy Grimes at californiaglobe.com As the Globe recently reported, Gov. Gavin Newsom’s final expansion of full-scope Medi-Cal went into effect Monday, January 1, 2024, making more than 700,000 illegal immigrants residents between ages 26 and 49 eligible for full health care coverage – at a very precarious time with his $68 billion budget deficit. If Gavin […]

California’s budget whiplash showed the pitfalls of forecasting revenue

by DAN WALTERS at calmatters.org Seventeen months ago, while unveiling a much-revised 2022-23 state budget, Gov. Gavin Newsom bragged of having a $97.5 billion surplus to expand health care, social equity and educational programs. “No other state in American history has ever experienced a surplus as large as this,” Newsom said as he unveiled a $300-plus […]