WOW! RINO David Brooks Blasts Colorado Supreme Court: ‘Ivy League Judges Taking Trump Off the Ballot Would Cause This Country to Explode’ 

by Mike LaChance at David Brooks is the ultimate RINO. As the ‘conservative’ columnist at the New York Times, Brooks has never met a Democrat he didn’t like or a liberal policy he didn’t endorse. And yet, even he can see what an outrageous thing it is for four unelected judges to interfere in […]

Biden’s ‘Climate Army’ Will Severely Hurt Economy, Republicans Warn: ‘Radical Anti-American Energy Agenda’

by Frank Bergman at Republicans are raising the alarm about the billions of dollars in taxpayer money that Democrat President Joe Biden is pumping into his so-called “Climate Corps.” House Republican has responded to Biden’s $30 billion green agenda plan by introducing a bill that targets the scheme. If Biden’s initiative succeeds, the Climate […]

Boston Debates Allowing Noncitizens to Vote Days Before Mayor’s Official ‘No-Whites’ Christmas Party

by WARNER TODD HUSTON at Ahead of Boston Democrat Mayor Michelle Wu’s “no whites” Christmas party, the city council was seen debating whether or not to allow noncitizens to vote in city elections. The council first discussed the issue during a December 4 council meeting when councilor Kendra Lara introduced a home rule petition to open […]

ICYMI: Michigan Court of Appeals Rules Trump Can Stay on 2024 Primary Ballot

by Jim Hᴏft at The Michigan Appeals Court ruled in favor of allowing former President Donald J. Trump to remain on the 2024 presidential primary ballot. The ruling follows legal challenges brought forth by plaintiffs who questioned Trump’s eligibility under the Insurrection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment. The Gateway Pundit previously reported that a Michigan judge […]

Democrat Pollster ‘Mystified’ by Public’s Anger Over Biden’s Handling of the Economy

by Mike LaChance at The Associated Press has released a new report that cites Democrat pollsters and other assorted officials who just don’t understand why the public isn’t happy with the way Joe Biden has handled the economy. Yeah, it’s a real mystery. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that millions […]