WATCH: Police prosecution REFUSE to provide evidentiary support for Victoria’s ‘state of emergency’

by Avi Yemini at

In Melbourne, Australia, the fight against police corruption takes a significant turn as updates on the case of Nick Patterson unfold. Nick’s ongoing legal battle, ignored by mainstream media outlets, underscores the persistent struggle against what he claims is institutional misconduct.

The recent development revolves around the prosecution’s failure to deliver crucial evidentiary material as mandated by court orders.

The prosecution has refused to provide affidavits, including those from prominent figures like Brett Sutton, former Victorian Chief Health Officer, and Jenny Mikakos, former health minister, required for Nick’s collateral challenge against the state of emergency.

Despite prior assurances from the prosecution, Nick’s legal team faces obstructions, implying a potential concealment of evidence. Nick asserts this as a blatant display of corruption, indicating complicity between the police and governmental bodies.

Nick has announced a rally scheduled for February 17th at the Docklands police headquarters, aiming to voice dissent against corruption and demand accountability.