British Zennials Panic Over Talk Of Potential Military Conscription For War With Russia


Just as American Zennials took to social media a few months ago to express their outrage after rumors swirled about a possible military draft, younger Brits are also not happy after multiple government officials hinted that national conscription might be necessary in the near future to combat Russia.

Chief of the General Staff, General Sir Patrick Sanders, has suggested that British men and women could face a call-up to the army in the event of a war.  The head of the British Army said UK citizens should be “trained and equipped” to fight in a potential conflict between NATO and Vladimir Putin’s forces.  The problem that is apparently stumping British military brass and political leaders is their ever dwindling recruitment numbers.  They just can’t seem to fathom why no one wants to fight for them.

In an interview with Sky News, Britain’s former top NATO commander General Sir Richard Sherriff echoed Sanders’ position, suggested that involuntary conscription might be required to fill British military ranks.

“I think we need to get over many of the cultural hang-ups and assumptions, and frankly think the unthinkable…I think we need to go further and look carefully at conscription…”

The notion has been repeated by officials within the British government as well as former political leaders like Boris Johnson, who posted a rambling article to the Daily Mail promoting conscription as an opportunity for the young people of Britain.  Johnson salutes the idea of a “citizens army,” making it sound similar to an American-style militia where young people can learn weapons and tactics and defend the homeland.