One Nation, Why Two Anthems Again NFL?

by Milt Harris at

Over the last several years the National Football League has proven that they have fallen asleep because they became woke. From Black Lives Matter banners hanging around stadiums and written on the field, to individual messages on the back of players helmets. Then there was the NFL’s “End Racism” push which was so incessant that it became nauseating. 

The sad thing about what the NFL has done is they have actually created division

What the NFL should have realized is they are preaching to the choir. NFL fans are probably the least racist people in the world. No-one looks at color. I am a lifelong fan of all Pittsburgh teams. When the Steelers or Pirates take the field, they aren’t black or white they are simply Steelers or Pirates, and my entire household roots for every one of them. To this day the best baseball player I ever watched was Roberto Clemente and even now when I think of him his race never crosses my mind.

The sad thing about what the NFL has done by highlighting race in this manner, is they have actually created division. Intentional or not, they have portrayed blacks as victims and whites as persecutors. The NFL is hardly the only organization pushing this narrative, but what makes what they’re doing even more egregious is that people seek out sports as a place of refuge.

There is so much of this type of sickness being spewed everywhere, that the NFL certainly didn’t need to inject race into an equation where in the eyes of its fans, none existed.