Wasting Time: Police Investigate A Virtual Rape

by Milt Harris at canadafreepress.com 

Police in the U.K. are now investigating a “virtual” rape that took place in the Meta-Verse

Pretty far-fetched stuff. Imagine being able to predict a crime before it’s committed. On the other hand, imagine if you’re wrong. Then you have arrested someone for not committing a crime.

While it isn’t exactly the same thing, the police in the U.K. are now investigating a “virtual” rape that took place in the Meta-Verse. In this case, a girl under the age of 16 has been left “distraught” after her digital character, which is known as an avatar was gang raped by online strangers.

Now keep in mind that this attack was totally virtual, no physical attack took place and there were no injuries. This incident took place in virtual reality (VR) within a headset that the girl was wearing. Still, the police say that she suffered the same psychological and emotional distress and trauma as someone that had been raped in the real world.

I’ll admit that I have limited knowledge of the metaverse. My understanding is that it’s a network of shared, immersive virtual worlds where people can connect with friends, create, and play games, work and shop. You can think of the metaverse as a cyberspace, or an evolved, three-dimensional internet where logging in isn’t necessary. Well, at least that is what people like Mark Zuckerberg want it to become. A place where a person can live a fantasy life in a digital realm. In this case the girl’s avatar was in an online room with a large number of other users and the virtual assault took place by several adult male avatars.