Indian PM Modi and His BJP Party Under Fire After 140 Opposition MPs Suspended From Parliament

by Paul Serran at

Political infighting is on the rise, in the run up to May elections.

After scoring significant victories in the latest state-level elections, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his ruling BJP party are involved in a controversy that began when protesters breached security at Parliament.

The hard protests by the opposition led to more than 140 Indian politicians being suspended from parliament – the largest number in history.

The Guardian reported:

“The ruling Bharatiya Janata party (BJP) government was accused of a direct attack on democracy and creating ‘anarchy’ after 141 MPs from 11 different opposition parties, who sit in the lower and upper houses of parliament, were suspended for the rest of the winter session.

While opposition MPs have been suspended by the BJP government in the past, this was the most bulk suspensions of MPs on record in Indian parliamentary history. On Monday alone 78 MPs were suspended, the highest in a single day.”

Most parliamentarians were suspended only until the winter session ends today, but the parliamentary privileges committee will decide some of the gravest cases.