A Christmas State of Destitution

by Judi McLeod at canadafreepress.com

Thirty-seven-year-old Canadian Shad Budge won’t be tucking into a Roast Turkey Dinner this Christmas Day. You can’t cook turkey in a truck, and his truck is what Budge now calls home.

Recently laid off from his job at Walmart, he’s destitute this Christmas, and unless he can find a job, will remain destitute into the coming New Year.

Young Budge isn’t the only one trying to get by in a truck. Legions of other young Canadians are trying to hang onto their survival in one of the most resource-rich countries in the world, Canada where one of the worst ‘pandemics’ is the grinding poverty that comes with homelessness.

Budge emailed Canada Free Press today asking whether CFP could take him on as a freelance writer, or if we knew of any other news outlet that might give him a chance.

Financially strapped CFP couldn’t help, but after reading a well-written and timely story he had submitted, recommended a contact in an another news outlet.