China urges Iran and Saudi Arabia to work together to ‘avoid miscalculation’ as diplomats meet on restoration of ties

by Zhao Ziwen at Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi called for deeper cooperation between Saudi Arabia and Iran to “avoid miscalculation” as diplomats from the Middle Eastern states met in the Chinese capital for the first time since a Beijing-brokered deal to normalise relations between the two. During the talks with Saudi deputy foreign minister Waleed […]

Is Joe Biden Funding Hamas? Yeah, Kind Of.

by MATT MARGOLIS at On Friday’s episode of Bloomberg’s “Balance of Power” podcast, Rep. Haley Stevens (D-Mich.) admitted that the humanitarian aid Joe Biden committed for Gaza is “being stolen by Hamas” and “is not being given to the civilians, the elderly, the pregnant women who are in Gaza, who I certainly pray for every single […]

Evangelical Lutheran Church in Bethlehem Exploiting The Manger to Make Political Points?

by Judi McLeod at ‘Bethlehem church brings people to tears after redesigning Christmas nativity scene to reflect Israel-Hamas war-(headline, Fox News, Dec. 8, 2023) The main message: “A church in Bethlehem, the biblical birthplace of Jesus, is receiving attention for its decision to redesign its Christmas nativity scene to reflect the impact of the […]

Reporters embedded with Hamas in bed with Hamas?

by Eric Utter at Recently, more than a dozen state attorneys general signed a letter to media outlets such as the New York Times and Reuters, putting them “on notice” that providing material support to terrorist organizations like Hamas is illegal.  Would this be necessary if we actually had a free and unbiased press? Shouldn’t “journalists” already know […]