Try a Little Honesty About Israel

by Victor Davis Hanson at Scan news accounts of anti-Israel campus and street protestors. Read their demands and manifestos. Collate the confusion after October 7 from the Biden administration. Here are ten of their most common untruths about October 7 and the war that followed. “Progressive Hamas”: Gay and transgendered student protestors in America would […]

Buycott – Psychos Putting Warnings On Israeli Grocery Products, So That’s A “Buy” Signal To Us

by Stacey Matthews at The sheer idiocy and depravity of anti-Israel leftists in America knows no bounds, as has been evidenced in tactics they’ve ramped up since the start of the Israel-Hamas war on October 7th. Just to name a few, they disrupted Easter services at New York’s St. Patrick’s Cathedral, a Holocaust remembrance discussion at a Berkeley […]