The Peacock Joins The Smear Campaign

by MATT TAIBBI at NBC’s Brandy Zadrozny wrote: After over a year, the House committee investigating researchers and their work on disinformation… has yet to produce tangible results. Public hearings have not yielded actionable evidence that the federal government has been weaponized… There have been no legal wins and no legislation has been passed. Zadrozny in the same article said […]

Ohio’s GOP Senate primary turns nasty as Trump’s candidate tries to fend off rivals

by Henry J. Gomez at CLEVELAND — Donald Trump endorsed Bernie Moreno in December, catapulting the businessman to contention in an Ohio Senate primary featuring two better-known Republicans. But with less than two weeks until the primary, the race has turned increasingly hostile as it remains in a competitive haze.   There have been few independent polls […]

‘I Have No Words’: Brzeznski Beside Herself After Analyst Breaks Down Poll Showing Key Voter Group Turning To Trump

by BRIANNA LYMAN at MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” co-host Mika Brzezinski was beside herself Tuesday morning after NBC’s Steve Kornacki broke down a new poll showing former President Donald Trump making significant gains among evangelicals. The Iowa Caucus will take place Jan. 15, with Trump still leading the Republican field. “So with less than a week to go until […]