FBI Hired Barely Literate Candidates, Urged Fat Applicant To Continue Process, Report Alleges

by JAMES LYNCH at dailycaller.com The FBI is reducing hiring standards to the point where it is considering overweight applicants and hiring barely literate agents, a group of current and former FBI agents and analysts allege. In a report delivered to the House Oversight and Judiciary Committees, the FBI officials describe how Diversity, Equity and Inclusion […]

Ex-Biden Energy Official Sam Brinton A Free Man Despite Facing Charges for Allegedly Stealing Luggage

by Mary Chastain at legalinsurrection.com Sam Brinton, the non-binary former Biden Energy official, ended the year as a free man even though he faces charges for allegedly stealing luggage. Brinton did not receive prison time in luggage stealing cases in Minneapolis and Las Vegas. The Las Vegas judge gave Brinton a 180-day suspended jail sentence. He had […]