Social Media Posts Bashing Israel And Implying Jews “Weaponized Their Religion” Lead To Call For Barrington (RI) School and DEI Committee Member To Resign

by Jane Coleman at A Barrington, Rhode Island, School and DEI committee member set off a firestorm of online criticism after an Instagram account that appears to be hers shared posts crudely bashing Israel, including implying Jews “weaponized their religion” for genocide.   Amanda Basse is an elected Democratic Party member of the Barrington School […]

I wish we had been wrong

by Kemberlee Kaye at We have been warning for years about the pernicious and corrosive impact of the racialization of education under the umbrellas of Critical Race Theory and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.We told our readers and anyone who would listen that these ideologies set students against each other, against their parents, against their […]

Report: Cecily Strong Felt Uncomfortable, Backed Out of SNL’s Tone-Deaf Antisemitism Hearing

by Mary Chastain at The trash that is Saturday Night Live pounced on Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY) instead of the disgusting college presidents (well, now one former since UPenn’s Liz Magill resigned). Instead of targeting the presidents who would not oppose or condemn those on their campuses who scream for the liquidation of Jews, […]

Truck Billboards Calling For University President Claudine Gay to be Fired Circle Harvard

by David Greyson at Billboard trucks were sent to Harvard’s New England Campus on Sunday demanding the university’s president Claudine Gay be fired. The trucks displayed Claudine Gay’s photo along with the words “Fire Gay.” Claudine Gay came under fire for dismissing the calls for genocide against the Jews to be a violation of […]