Jamie Dimon Warns World Faces “Risks That Eclipse Anything Since World War II”

by TYLER DURDEN at zerohedge.com Perhaps the world’s most influential banker – JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon – warned the world in his annual letter to shareholders that while he expects US economic resilience (and higher inflation and interest rates), and is optimistic about transformational opportunities from AI, he worries geopolitical events including the war in Ukraine and […]

UC Berkeley is under federal investigation over the recent disruption of an Israeli speaker

by ANDREW LAPIN at jta.org (JTA) — The violent disruption to an Israeli speaker’s appearance on campus last month has triggered negative headlines and a criminal investigation at the University of California, Berkeley. Now, the school is facing a federal discrimination investigation, too. The U.S. Department of Education announced the investigation into Berkeley’s handling of […]

Are We On The Verge Of An Apocalyptic War With Iran?

by Michael at teeconomiccollapseblog.com U.S. lawmakers are calling for military strikes inside Iran in the aftermath of a horrific terror attack that left three U.S. service members dead and dozens wounded.  So if the U.S. does hit targets inside Iranian territory, how will the Iranians respond?  It is theoretically possible that they could back down, […]

Sports Emerges As New Front In Israel-Hamas War

by Susan Crabtree at zerohedge.com It was billed as a way to protect the security of Israeli hockey players amid fallout over the Israeli-Hamas war until a backlash condemned the action.  The International Ice Hockey Federation, or IIHF, first banned Israeli athletes from international competitions, then abruptly reversed that decision on Wednesday.  The Federation this […]

Pro-Hamas Rally Shuts Down I-5 In Seattle

by Fuzzy Slippers at legalinsurrection.com Pro-Hamas “protesters” shut down major roadways in both Seattle and Chicago on Saturday. In Chicago, they were reportedly chanting, “If we don’t get no justice, then you don’t get no peace!”. This criminal behavior is not just a minor annoyance, these are major arteries, used by first responders who are […]

Evangelical Lutheran Church in Bethlehem Exploiting The Manger to Make Political Points?

by Judi McLeod at canadafreepress.com ‘Bethlehem church brings people to tears after redesigning Christmas nativity scene to reflect Israel-Hamas war-(headline, Fox News, Dec. 8, 2023) The main message: “A church in Bethlehem, the biblical birthplace of Jesus, is receiving attention for its decision to redesign its Christmas nativity scene to reflect the impact of the […]