Democrat Rep. Nadler Goes Off-Script: “Our Vegetables Would Rot in the Ground If They Weren’t Being Picked by Many Illegal Immigrants!” 

by Cristina Laila at The House Judiciary Committee on Thursday held a hearing on illegal immigration and the cost of social services. At least 11 million illegals have invaded the US since Joe Biden was installed in January 2021. Millions of military-age men from Africa, the Middle East, and Latin America have invaded the US in the […]

What ‘Great Replacement Theory’? Musk Exposes “Immense & Growing Size” Of Illegal Immigration Invasion

by TYLER DURDEN of Elon Musk red-pilled users on X, allowing them to visualize “the immense and growing size of illegal immigration” pushed by radical progressives in the White House that have flooded the nation with millions of migrants.  Musk commented on a post by X user “~~datahazard~~,” who said: “Since August, there are […]