China rails against EU’s train subsidy probe – will relations be thrown off-track?

  by Kandy Wong at A recently unveiled probe by the European Union into a Chinese state-owned train maker – the first in-depth examination conducted under the EU’s newly implemented Foreign Subsidies Regulation – could inject more uncertainty into relations and signify an intensification of efforts to execute Brussels’ de-risking strategy. Friday’s move against CRRC Qingdao […]

Companies are hiding their climate progress. A new report explains why.

by Kate Yoder at  For decades, environmental advocates have been pushing back against “greenwashing,” when polluting companies misleadingly present themselves as environmentally friendly. Governments are finally starting to tackle the problem with stricter regulations: The European Union agreed to ban deceptive environmental ads in September, and the U.S. Fair Trade Commission is in the process of […]

Stop Psychoanalyzing Israel

by Rafael Medoff at Here come the armchair psychoanalysts!     European Union foreign policy chief Josep Borrell declared during his recent visit to Israel, “I understand your rage. But let me ask you not to be consumed by rage.” President Biden expressed a similar sentiment upon his arrival in Israel last month. “While you feel […]