WEF Declares War on Coffee: ‘No More Than 2 or 3 Cups Each Per Year’

by Baxter Dmitry at hepeoplesvoice.tv The World Economic Forum has declared war on coffee drinkers, declaring that they are causing “global boiling” and must be stopped at all costs. According to World Economic Forum Agenda Contributor Hubert Keller, “The coffee that we all drink emits between 15 and 20 tonnes of CO2 per tonne of coffee… Every time […]

America’s New Climate Corps Will Need to Be a Lot Bigger

by MATT SIMON at motherjones.com Climate change is the greatest threat humanity has ever faced, and the United States has begun mobilizing an army to fight it: the American Climate Corps. Formerly conceptualized as the Civilian Climate Corps, the new initiative will “put more than 20,000 young people on career pathways in the growing fields of clean energy, […]

Goodwill Ambassadors And Advocates

via undp.org The United Nations Development Programme, along with other UN agencies, has long enlisted the voluntary services and support of prominent figures as Goodwill Ambassadors and advocates to shine a spotlight on important issues affecting our planet and its people. These well-known individuals are at the top of their field—whether it’s film, television, music, […]

Asia’s climate goals at risk over Cop28’s modest transition from fossil fuels: ‘we have one foot in the grave’

by Biman Mukherji at scmp.com The United Nations Climate Change Conference in Dubai ended on Wednesday with a message signalling the eventual end to the fossil fuel era, but its lack of a clear timeline could leave parts of developing Asia increasingly vulnerable to climate shocks, experts said. The conference, also known as Cop28, adopted within minutes of […]