‘Two sessions’ 2024: Xi Jinping says while China pursues ‘new productive forces’, it must avoid economic bubbles

by Frank Chen at scmp.com Chinese President Xi Jinping warned on Tuesday that the promotion of new productive forces as growth catalysts must not give rise to economic bubbles or unfettered expansion as Beijing seeks to build momentum in solidifying the nation’s recovery. “In the face of a new round of technological revolution and industrial […]

China’s Xi Jinping pushes ‘disruptive innovation’ at first Politburo study session of the year

via Vanessa Cai at scmp.com Chinese President Xi Jinping called for efforts to boost “disruptive innovation”, integrate technology with industry, and increase supply chain resilience as he presided over this year’s first Politburo study session. At the meeting of the Communist Party’s top policymaking body on Wednesday, Xi said China must strengthen scientific and technological innovation – especially “original and disruptive” […]

Xi Jinping urges loyalty from China’s courts and law enforcers to ‘defuse’ social and financial risks

by Vanessa Cai at scmp.com Chinese President Xi Jinping has urged the country’s judicial and law enforcement authorities to safeguard national security, calling on the courts, prosecutors and public security authorities to “defuse” social and economic risks, and for their continued loyalty to the Communist Party. Xi’s instructions were delivered during a two-day national conference over the […]

China and California are leading the way on climate cooperation. Others should follow

by Fan Dai at ccci.berkeley.edu California governor Gavin Newsom’s delegation is building on existing research and policy initiatives with China, showing that effective climate action can happen below the national level. For the past few years, US–China relations have been icy. We’ve witnessed spy balloons shot down, meetings cancelled, lines of communication severed and insults […]