Lawyer For Black-Women-Only Fearless Fund Contest Admits “Whites Only” Would Be Okay If 11th Circuit Rules Their Way

by James Nault at We have been following an important case out of Georgia concerning a grant contest for small business that is only open to Black businesswomen. Our original post on the case concerned a federal trial-level court in Atlanta that issued a ruling that, if upheld, would eviscerate the entire legal regime […]

California Democrats Pushing for Legalized Racial Discrimination on Ballot – AGAIN

by Katy Grimes at Even after badly losing a 2020 referendum to bring back racial preferences, the professional class of race hustlers are back again – with a constitutional amendment. Proposition 16 would have overturned California’s ban on Affirmative Action – the preferential treatment to persons on the basis of race, sex, color, ethnicity, […]

The Fight to Stop California Politicians from Enshrining Racism in State’s Constitution

by Leslie Eastman at A petition campaign against ACA7, an underhanded bill to repeal the state’s equality-supporting Proposition 209 based on The Science™ Back in the days before Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion and Critical Race Theory, there was “affirmative action.” Affirmative action became one of the first tools used by progressives to begin dismantling […]