Mindless Enforcers: From the Battlefield to the Board Room

by Thomas Buckley at  californiaglobe.com

In World War I, there were officers and others behind the trenches who “took care of” soldiers who decided that maybe going over the top to a certain grisly death was not in their best interest.  

In World War II, the Soviet army was full of political and other enforcement officers that had a similar job – go forward or go down.

The Soviets, of course, took things a bit further actively hunting for soldiers who joked about Stalin’s acne problem and executing them, no matter how they performed on the battlefield.

The Soviets, of course, took things a bit further still when, at the end of the war, soldiers returning to Great Motherland from a prisoner of war camp were routinely sent off to the gulag just in case they picked up any nasty ideological bug.

And throughout the Soviet (the Nazis, too) regime, political officers were embedded at every level of society, in every workplace, in every government agency – watch “Citizen X” to see how that impacted the hunt for a serial killer  – to make absolutely sure that the literal party line was being followed.  

From crime to industrial policy to housing to everything else, the party said A, reality said B, and if you valued your life you said A, too.

Ring a bell?

Like the political officers of the past, the diversity, equity, and inclusion troops oozing forth from every human resources department perform the same function.

Do not think A or you will lose your job; think B and no matter your job performance you will be feted and promoted.

Because, as in totalitarian states, whether or not a person functions properly does not matter as long as they say the right thing and are only noticeable when they are proclaiming the truth of the falsehood of the day.

The DEI enforcers are the back stop for the received reality – whatever that may happen to be, no matter how often it changes.  They evaluate, they spy, they fire, they destroy, they invade and they all feel righteous joy as they do so.

They are told they are a better, newer, more modern sort of person which both inflates their ego and the putative importance of their mission but – more importantly – allows them to look at others as if they were inherently lesser people and therefore any punishment or ostracization imposed upon them is justified.

It does not even appear that the DEI people really care about “converting” people to their way, to make them see their truth.  They only want to make sure that the world sees the punishment so others will not publicly stray from the anointed path.

The current word police, thought police, gender police, color police, woke police, progressive police are no different than the the Soviet political lieutenants who shot anyone who stepped out of line.