It’s Official, Alvin Bragg Has Lost CNN


Multiple CNN pundits have started to lose faith in Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s case against former President Donald Trump as the prosecution’s star witness Michael Cohen appears to falter under cross-examination.

Bragg charged Trump with 34 felony counts for allegedly falsifying business documents while reimbursing Cohen, his former attorney, for a $130,000 payment made to keep porn star Stormy Daniels silent about allegations of an affair ahead of the 2016 election. Cohen faced cross-examination again on Thursday, with CNN pundits casting doubt on the jury buying the admitted liar’s testimony.

Keith Davidson, who formerly represented Daniels and was a prosecution witness, testified that Cohen wanted to work in Trump’s White House and that he believed Cohen was going to “kill himself” because he did not receive a cabinet position. However, Cohen testified on Thursday that he did not really want a role, prompting CNN host Jake Tapper’s astonishment.

“Why deny this when there’s literally hundreds of people who know that he wanted to work in the Trump White House?” Tapper asked.

“There is all this testimony, there is all this evidence from Michael Cohen’s phones seized by the FBI and some of it is being used right now to show that Michael Cohen is currently not telling the truth,” he later said.

CNN political commentator Alyssa Farah Griffin, while acknowledging her dislike of Trump, said she currently could not reach a guilty verdict based on the trial so far.

“For me, even with my strong feelings about Donald Trump, my knowledge of how he behaves, I couldn’t today convict beyond a reasonable doubt,” she told Tapper. “Michael Cohen is just such a problematic figure and in this own cross, I was just waiting to see somebody who was above board, didn’t step in it, didn’t lie, didn’t end up getting kind of hostile and pushing back on some of these challenges, and it’s hard for me to believe him when he’s misrepresenting something as fundamental as having wanted a job in the White House.”