From inside the mind of a would-be mass shooter: ‘I am certain nobody there is armed’

by Olivia Murray at

From the New York Post comes the story of Joshua Cobb, a black Marine Corps veteran who was in the planning stages of a mass casualty shooting spree in which he planned to target whites:

A black Marine Corps vet went on a months-long, hate-filled screed threatening to ‘cause mayhem’ by gunning down white victims and aspiring to ‘progress into a serial killer,’ federal prosecutors said.

Joshua Cobb, 23, of Trenton, New Jersey, penned a string of online posts and text messages vowing to gun down white people, and boasted he would ‘probably OD on my own adrenaline after the 10th body goes down,’ the US Attorney’s Office in New Jersey said in a release Monday.

‘It’s all a f–ing game and you all are going to die,’ Cobb allegedly wrote in one text message last year. ‘I currently lack the means necessary to kill as many as I intend to but one day I will have the available resources (finance) to purchase the appropriate weaponry for my killings.’

Here’s more, from Kevin Shea at

‘I want to cause mayhem on the white community. The reason i [sic] specifically want to target white people is because as a black male, they will NEVER understand my struggles. Same way I will never understand their struggles, but I don’t care to. I want to erase them. All of them really, but in this case as many as I possibly can,’ Cobb posted on social media in December 2022, according to authorities.

Those facts alone, black-on-white race-based hatred that was the root of a planned shooting spree, means it’s a news story that won’t be touched by establishment media; but even more so when you consider what Cobb said about where he planned to kickoff his attack. From the Post:

In a social media post on Dec. 17, 2022, Cobb allegedly said he had chosen targets for armed attacks. 

‘I have not chosen a [sic] exact date but I am going to be sure it is close to an important holiday to their race,’ prosecutors said he wrote. ‘I have a location in mind already which I have frequented for the past year and I am certain nobody there is armed to be able to stop me from spraying them to the ground.