2024 and beyond UN System Workplace Mental Health and Well-Being Strategy

via unsceb.org

At the HLCM 46th session, the Committee significantly advanced efforts to protect and further the Mental Health and Well-Being of the UN system workforce by endorsing the Mental Health and Well-Being Strategy for 2024 and beyond, including a Scorecard as the basis for system-wide reporting to the HLCM starting in 2025. The strategy put forward by the Mental Health Strategy Implementation Board was also informed by the Management Letter from the Joint Inspection Unit (JIU) on its review of policies and practices in this area. 

HLCM underscored the importance and benefits of investing in the mental health and well-being of its workforce, agreed to resource the implementation of the Strategy, and decided to establish a time-bound staffing structure to support the Strategy.

Link related to Guidance on Workplace Mental Health and Well-Being: Healthy Workforce website, United Nations