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MSM & the Parable of Puerto Rico

MSM & the Parable of Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico's collapsing economy represents either a complete failure of the US progressive political model, or an outstanding success for the UN's new business- driven agenda. Only the mainstream media can say for sure, and their not telling...

​America's economy is in serious trouble, but not for some unknown or unexplainable reason!

Puerto Rico's $72 billion in debt,and two million of its low-income residents are expected to flee this man-made disaster , so what's our mainstream media choose to focus on? How the hedge fund operators will fix the economic mess and restore credibility.

Never once considering the root cause of the economic problems on this island paradise, unprecedented government corruption! Mainstream media, both nationally and internationally deserve full credit for the suppression of widespread corruption within governmental agencies, and acceptance of criminal behavior by the political elite engaged in the UN's public-private partnerships.

MSM can't seam to connect the dots between massive frauds occurring at Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority that racked up $9 billion in debt, and lucrative tax breaks recently provided for the super wealthy. Exposing massive financial scandals is unacceptable because it may taint the good name and reputations of UN business-driven programs, and the failed policies of the United Nations Global Compact.

UN business-driven programs that must be kept secret from society not just to protect the obscene profits of the political elites, but to ensure the very survival of government created for-profit/non-profit empires. Empires dependent on the continued manipulation of energy markets by Ethical Oil and the marketing of climate-friendly goods and services to other government bureaucracies.

Multi-billion scams by high-ranking government and UN officials are routinely suppressed by media outlets, while simultaneously high-lighting the entrepreneurial spirit of the crony-socialist business model that rejects all forms of honest competition.

Recently a billion dollar class-action lawsuit was filed against PREPA for a scam involving  falsified laboratory reports and tainted oil used to produce some of the world's dirtiest electricity,  Brazil's Petrobras and Shell Trading (US) Company, two organizations associated with UN's Global Compact are named in these scheme involving kickbacks and payments to PREPA employees accepting the non-compliant oil.

Petrobras and Shell Group of Companies are members of the UN Global Compact, the world's largest corporate sustainability initiative, which is the center-piece for the UN's suite of business-driven programs. Programs open only to the largest corporations in the world and public-private partnerships operating under exclusive contracting agreements authorized by WTO & UNEP.

Brazil's Dilma Rousseff, former left-wing guerrilla fighter was the head of Petrobras from 2003 to 2010, just prior to being elected President of Brazil. She is currently facing impeachment over a growing list of scandals, including a $2.5 billion scheme that had kick-backs going to her Workers Party while she was president of Petrobras. Today her public approval rating is sitting at 9%, and Petrobras is one of the most indebted companies on Earth.

Sir Mark Moody-Stuart, director of HSBC Holdings PLC, Accenture Ltd, Saudi Armaco and former Chairman of Dutch Shell/Shell Group of Companies is the vice-chair of the UN's Global Compact Board. and Chairman of the Global Compact Foundations. In addition to his leadership role in several other UN positions, he also serves on the China Council for International Cooperation on Environment and Development, another open and transparent organization of environmental stewards.

The UN Global Compact members include the world's largest oil, banking, shipping and media outlets in an initiative to promote environmental sustainability, transparency and anti-corruption policies. Puerto Rico provides the clearest example of what occurs in the absence of law, ethics and honest news reporting on progressive Global policies.

Epic failure is now celebrated as just another highly successful "pay to play" scheme, especially if the big-money benefits the savvy UN's business-driven entrepreneurs?

Smart Meter fraud cost PREPA $100's of millions annually!

Federal Bureau of Investigation issued a report in 2010 suggesting that fraud in PREPA's smart meter program was costing the utility up to $400 million annually.

The FBI report claims that PREPA's employees were charging between $300 to $3,000 to reprogram smart meters for residential and commercial customers, allowing customers to save between 50-75% on their electric bills.

That same report described several other simple ways to cheat the "so-called" smart grid technology designed to lower electrical bills. Smart meter programs are currently being deployed across the nation with little regard for cost or security.

Prepare for Crash Landing!

​Smart Grid programs have been portrayed as the next generation of energy efficiency technology by the utilities seeking to reduce cost. Most of those energy-saving claims come from the Poised for Profits Partnership, a group of twelve government agencies conducting the bulk of research for EPA.

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