How to Update Region/Country on Google Play Store

Google Play Store is an essential app for Android devices. It helps you discover apps that you wish to have in your phone and download, and install the same. But, it features apps and settings according to your region, and if you move to another Country or city, you need to update the location. You can access another region if you wish to try, as well. So, change the country setting ideally in the Google Play store by using the guide given below.Install-Google-Play.jpgSteps for changing country in the Google Play Store1. First and foremost, launch the Google Play Store app on your Android phone.2. Then, slide to the left side of the screen to go to the menu. Choose Account from there.3. If country-switching option is allowed to you, a Country and profiles option will be there in the list.4. Tap on the Country option and choose your new country from there. Go through the on-screen prompts and provide the ideal payment method of the dedicated country, if asked.5. Once you agree with the warning prompt and allow the change, you can browse the Google Play Store according to the selected region. However, it might take around 24 hours for updating the changes in the app.According to the change in your IP address, you will see the option of changing country in your Android device. The option mostly appears to those who moved to another country from their previous one. You can’t simply switch to the country of your choice in the Google Play Store.What to know before changing Google Play Store country?There are a few essential things that you must know while you change the Play Store region. Firstly, it is not possible to access the old payment method. You will have to go with the one that is available in your new country. Once you swap, you can’t even use the Google Play balance of the old country, including gift cards or collected Google Opinion Rewards. Other than this, it is allowed to change the country in Google Play Store only once in a year. If you wish to change the country that you used earlier, you need to visit the same menu that you used more previously for changing country.Hence, change the country in the Google Play Store only if you are moving there for a year. A tricky way of changing the country region is through VPN also. But, there are chances that you might get locked outside your specific zone for a while in the Play Store, and it will be more painful for you. The best solution will be to try the ideal alternatives available for Google Play in the market. A few best options include Amazon Appstore, F-Droid, SlideME, and Humble Bundle. These alternative app stores are destined to make things easier for you!Source :- http://1mcafee.uk/blog/how-to-update-region-country-on-google-play-store/Related articlehttp://1mcafee.uk/blog/how-to-open-a-wps-file-in-microsoft-word/Kellie minton is an avid technical blogger, a magazine contributor, a publisher of guides at mcafee.com/activate, and a professional cyber security analyst. Through her writing, she aims to educate people about the dangers and threats lurking in the digital world.
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Fortnite Patch 9.00 Introduces Season 9 With Futuristic Memo

With the launch of Fortnite season 9, a slew of latest information is being bombarded on various social media platforms like Twitter and Reddit, denoting some exciting new additions to the long-running hit Battle Royale title.Since past few days, Epic Games have been unveiling long and hefty patch notes, suggesting all the new advancements, tweaks, changes and additions to the game which is hinting towards some extensive changes for the title in the future.For sure the new season would have its new Battle Pass which would grant players with some exciting new cosmetics, wearables, pets, emotes and a plethora of other items as you advance your level and improve on your tier.The Fortnite map has experienced some extensive renovation as many of the previous locations have been refurbished with new futuristic buildings and the in-game theme is changed to the ultramodern environment by replacing the season 8 Pirate theme.One such change includes the Slip Streams which acts as a wind tunnel on the Fortnite map and helps players to travel far distances with much faster speed. There are a number of tubes spread all across the Fortnite map which could be utilized by players to gain an additional speed boost while playing.Still, gun vehicles and gunshots can also enter inside the Slip Streams so players will require to be quite cautious while utilizing this new item as your enemies can also enter to the tunnel with you leading to some insane and intense fight.The aforementioned Slip Streams entry points are placed at two newly added locations on the map namely Neo Tilted and Mega Mall. Moreover, one of the entry points for the Slip Streams can also be found at the John Wicks home as various data miners have suggested that a special John Wicks Limited Time Event would also be coming soon to the title.Also, new Air Vents on the Fortnite map acts as a sensory booster which gets activated as players stand on top of it and release a gust of high pressurized wind which sets players flying for short duration. Regardless of the height that players are shouted at, they will not receive any damage by falling from the skies after using the Air Vents.Also, a unique new collectible item introduced exclusively for Battle Pass owner namely Fortbytes. Season 9 of Fortnite includes 100 pieces of Fortbytes which Battle Pass player will have to collect to solve the mystery associated with the new season 9.The new patch has also introduced some new weapons to the game which includes a Combat Shotgun. The Combat Shotgun is a melee type weapon which is semi-automatic and contains a total of 10 bullets at a time.As per usual the weapon comes with Rare, Epic and Legendary variants. Also, some minor tweaks have been made to the existing in-game armaments which would help players in having a balanced playing field and equal opportunity to win the match.Let’s see how well the fans of Fortnite accept the new patch 9.00 as it has introduced some exciting new changes with the new season for fans to explore new possibilities in the game.Source :- https://mcafee-activate-en.com/fortnite-patch-9-00-introduces-season-9-with-futuristic-memo/Related articlehttps://mcafee-activate-en.com/how-to-record-a-live-stream-on-mac-and-windows/https://mcafee-activate-en.com/how-to-block-youtube-on-a-mobile/Kellie minton is an avid technical blogger, a magazine contributor, a publisher of guides at mcafee.com/activate, and a professional cyber security analyst. Through her writing, she aims to educate people about the dangers and threats lurking in the digital world.
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How to Update your YouTube Account Profile Picture

If you’re running a YouTube channel or commenting on the videos, your name with your profile picture will appear on the comment. YouTube is directly linked with the Google account. Therefore, if you don’t have any profile picture on Google account, your comment will also show with a blank profile picture. Want to add a photo or change your old YouTube profile picture, here is how.You have two options to change the YouTube profile picture, either open Google account and update it from there or change directly from YouTube. The methods given below are to update profile picture right from YouTube.How to add or change the profile picture of your YouTube accountOn PC or Mac:1. Launch a web browser.2. Go to ‘www.youtube.com.’3. If ‘SIGN IN’ option is appearing at the top-right side of the page, then you need to sign in with your YouTube account.4. Select your Google account or enter your YouTube account email address and password.5. After login, click the ‘Profile’ icon.6. Click ‘Settings’ in the account menu.7. Click on blue color ‘Edit on Google’ text. The option is next to your account name at the top of the settings page.8. You’ll see the ‘About Me’ page of Google account on your screen.9. Now, click the round ‘Camera/Profile picture’ icon in the middle of the page.10. Pick a Photo window will pop up on the screen, here you can choose an image to set as your YouTube profile picture.11. Click the first ‘Upload Photo’ square to open the file browser.12. Navigate to the folder contain the images.13. Click the image you want to use as a profile picture.14. Click ‘Open.’15. Click the ‘Done’ button at the top right corner of the pop-up.The image you selected will get applied as the profile picture of your Google as well as YouTube account.On Android:1. Open app drawer or Google apps folder.2. Launch the ‘Google’ app.3. Open ‘… More’ tab from the bottom.4. Click your ‘Google accounts’ name at the top of the menu.5. Select the Google account linked with the YouTube account you want to change the profile picture of.6. If the account is not listed, click ‘Add another account’ and sign in into it.7. Click on the big ‘Manage Google Account’ button.8. Open the ‘Personal info’ tab.9. Click ‘PHOTO’ at the top of the menu.10. Click the round ‘Camera/Profile picture’ icon.11. Pick a Photo window will pop up on the screen, here you can choose an image to set as your YouTube profile picture.12. Click the first ‘Upload Photo’ square to open your device storage.13. Click ‘Capture image’ to take a photo or tap ‘Files’ to select a picture from your gallery.14. Click ‘Allow,’ if Google asks for access.15. Click ‘Done’ to upload the picture.The image you selected will get applied as the profile picture of your Google as well as YouTube account.On iOS:1. Open the ‘Google’ app.2. Tap ‘… More’ tab at the bottom menu.3. Tap on your account name and email.4. Select the Google account linked with the YouTube account you want to change the profile picture of.5. If the account is not listed, click ‘Add another account’ and sign in into it.6. Tap on the big ‘Manage Google Account’ button.7. Select ‘PHOTO’ in the personal info tab.8. Tap on ‘Camera/Profile picture’ icon.9. Select a photo or tap on ‘Upload Photo’ for more option.10. Select ‘Capture image’ or ‘Files’.11. Capture or select an image from the device gallery.12. Tap ‘Done’ to upload.The image you selected will get applied as the profile picture of your Google as well as YouTube account.Source :- http://norton-norton.uk/how-to-update-your-youtube-account-profile-picture/Kellie minton arrived on the cyber security scene in the early 2000s when virus and malware were still new and slowly evolving. Her longtime affair with writing with an interest in the cybersecurity industry, combined with her IT degree, has contributed to experience several aspects of security suite industry such as blogging at norton.com/setup.
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How to Compress a Video Offline

You may want to compress your videos to save the storage of your device, as the big video files are ones that cause storage space to run out. Large videos are slow to play, and sometimes take too much time to load. These files are also difficult to upload, or upload but slowly therefore compressing becomes necessary. Do you want to upload your video on the internet or share it with someone, you wish to reduce its size so that it can upload easily without taking more time or data? Here are several popular programs that can compress videos even without affecting the quality too much.Note: You can use these programs on Windows and Mac both to compress a video.How to compress a video offline with VLC Media PlayerIt is a quite unknown fact that VLC Player can compress a video file. The VLC media player is a popular media app, most of the users have installed it on their computer. So, here is how to use VLC Media Player to compress or convert a video.1. Open the app and go to Media.2. Select ‘Convert/Save’.3. Now, add the video you want to compress in the file tab.4. After adding the video, click the drop down option next to ‘Conver/Save’ button.5. And select ‘Convert.’6. Now, click the ‘Profile’ dropdown option.7. Select an appropriate (lower) format for your video. Changing the format of a video will reduce as well as increase its size.8. Select a location to save the converted video file.9. Click ‘Start’ to begin the conversion.VLC Media Player starts conversion your video to the selected format. Once conversion will finish, the converted video automatically save to the destination folder.How to compress a video offline with HandBrakeHandBrake is one of the most popular tools to compress large video files without losing quality. HandBrake is popular because:• HandBrake is free and Open Source.• Works on Microsoft Windows, Mac, and Linux.• Can convert videos nearly in all format, WMV, avi, m4v, mov, etc.You can download HandBrake from, “handbrake.fr/downloads.php.”Steps to compress video offline:1. Open the ‘HandBrake’ app.2. When the HandBrake opens, click ‘Open Source’ at the upper left corner.3. Click ‘File’ in the Source Selection section.4. Browse the folder of the video you want to compress.5. Click on the video to select it.6. Then click ‘Open v.’7. Now, click the ‘Presets:’ dropdown box.8. And choose a quality preset from the options.Make sure to choose the quality or presets lower than the current video’s quality. For example, if the video is currently in 1080p then choose 720p or lower. For best compression, select “Fast” or “Very Fast.”9. In the ‘Save As:’ field, enter a name for your video.10. Click the ‘Browse’ button, if you want to select a new save location.11. Under the Summary tab, check the box of ‘Web Optimized.’12. Now, open the ‘Video’ tab and check the video settings.13. When all set, click ‘Start Encoding/Start’ button at the top to start compression.Now, wait for the compression to finish, this may take a long time depends on the video you select for compression. Once your video compressed, you can play or share it from the destination location.How to compress a video offline with QuickTime Player on Mac1. Browse the video you want to compress.2. Select the video and open it in QuickTime Player.3. Now, click ‘File’ at the top.4. Go to ‘Export As’ and select quality. Make sure to choose the quality lower than the video’s current quality.6. Enter a name and select a location.7. Click ‘Save’ to start compression.Once your video compressed, you can play or share it from the destination location.Source :- http://norton-norton.uk/how-to-compress-a-video-offline/Kellie minton arrived on the cyber security scene in the early 2000s when virus and malware were still new and slowly evolving. Her longtime affair with writing with an interest in the cybersecurity industry, combined with her IT degree, has contributed to experience several aspects of security suite industry such as blogging at norton.com/setup.
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How to Add Music to Your iPhone Without Syncing

Do you want to add music to the iPhone without syncing your default library? Then, you need to access the settings of the program and turn off the automatic sync option. iTunes syncs the iTunes library automatically when you pair the iPhone with the computer. It will take some time to add music to your iPhone in case the size of the music file is large.Steps to add music to your iPhone with iTunes Store• Go to the iTunes Store already installed on your iPhone. Press on the iTunes Store application symbol.• Press on the Search button. You will get this button in the lower right-hand side of the display. After clicking on that button. It will open the Search webpage.• Press on the text field. You will get it on the upper side of the webpage.• Find the music, artist, or album. You have to enter in the title of the music, artist, or album which you wish to start downloading on the device and after that, press on the Search button.• Choose a song which you wish to download on the device. Press on the album from which you download a song and choose an artist and after that, press on the album given on the iTunes window.• In case you wish to download particular music, then do not follow these steps.• You need to press the on the price of the selected song. You will get the list to the right-hand side of the tile of the song.• Now, you have to type the Touch ID or Apple ID password on the given field. After entering it, it will buy the selected song and start downloading on the Music application installed on the iPhone.Steps to add music to your iPhone with Apple Music• Go to the Settings application on the iPhone. You need to press on the Settings application symbol, and it resembles a silver box having a gears icon on it.• Go down and after that, press on the Music option. You will get this option in the settings window.• Press on the white color “Show Apple Music” toggle. After clicking it, the color turns into the green which means “Show Apple Music” is enabled.• Click on the white color “iCloud Music Library” toggle. It will change into green color which means this option is enabled on the iPhone.• In case you do not have an account on Apple Music, then you will not get the iCloud Music Library” toggle.• Press on the Keep Music option.• Go to the Music application on the iPhone.• Press on the Search button.• Click on the text field.• Press on the Apple Music.• Find music, artist or album• Choose music.• Add the selected music to the iPhone library.Source :- http://norton-norton.uk/how-to-add-music-to-your-iphone-without-syncing/Kellie minton arrived on the cyber security scene in the early 2000s when virus and malware were still new and slowly evolving. Her longtime affair with writing with an interest in the cybersecurity industry, combined with her IT degree, has contributed to experience several aspects of security suite industry such as blogging at norton.com/setup.
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Concept Art Leaked For The Upcoming Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order

Respawn is set to unveil its new Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order title after the massive success of its recent battleground style game Apex Legends. The said Star Wars game is already much awaited by the franchise fans, and many believe in gathering some details in the upcoming Star Wars Annual Celebrations.But to a surprise, before the said event to take place, an online retailer managed to tease some excoriating information for all the Star Wars fans. Recently an online retailer at Amazon posted an image of a T-shirt which shockingly featured the concept art for the upcoming title.Although this highly controversial image of the T-shirt was soon taken down from the Amazon website by the retailer, still many eager-eyed fans managed to take a screenshot of this teaser concept art, and within few minutes this image got viral on every known social media platform.The posted concept art image of the commemorative T-shirt has allowed the diehard Star Wars fans to get some initial gist of the upcoming title and minor details on the T-shirt are providing some additional information which was not known prior to this accidental leak. The image on the T-shirt featured a Jedi bearing a blue Lightsaber who is climbing through a rocky terrain mountain with a small droid which is practically scanning the environment. On the other hand of the landscape is a crashing Republic-era Star Destroyer which has crash landed to the ground and covers almost half of the landscape.The plot line for the Star Wars Jedi is mainly focused on the Jedi Padawan, who is managed to escape the Emperor’s purge which is similar to the actual storyline featured in Revenge of the Sith. Currently, it is speculated that the upcoming Star Wars title would be based on the Dark Times as the Emperor Consolidates his evil force on to the Galaxy and kill each and every left out Jedi.Although no such extension to the storyline could be derived from the leaked T-shirt image still, the appearance and graphics on the Star Wars merchandise appear pretty impressive and cool enough to flaunt around.Of course, plenty of other merchandises would soon be available for fans to collect, but with the disclosure of the latest T-shirt on the Amazon made a lot of news as it was accidentally revealed a bit sooner.Many believe that this was more of a publicity stunt to promote the upcoming Star Wars game, but other community members believe that this was just an accident and Star Wars don’t require any promotional trick to sell more copies. Source :- http://www-mcafeeactivate.support/blog/concept-art-leaked-for-the-upcoming-star-wars-jedi-fallen-order/
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Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy Remake Coming Soon

Prepare to be a part of a thrilling courtroom drama series which was initially launched as a GBA title during 2001 at Japan and as a Nintendo DS game in 2005. Although the Ace Attorney is a vintage title still, many gamers would appreciate the sheer weirdness of this refurbished title. The Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney is a situation based title which revolves around intense courtroom drama. This law and order based anime title feature a spiky-haired defense lawyer who presents some impressive moves and knowledge to the courtroom which would surely provide players with some hilarious moments in the game.The Ace Attorney is quite outlandish and inane, sweet and amiable and interestingly enough this unreasonable-sounding courtroom drama works well, and indeed it is amongst the best games available in the crime genre.Interestingly enough Capcom studios have confirmed that soon the Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney trilogy would be available for all the PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch users, so players would be able to enjoy the vintage courtroom drama title in ultra HD graphics as compared to its past pixelated iteration.The new version of Ace Attorney would be inspired from the first three games in the hit Phoenix Wright series and players will be able to experience the exciting anime plotline in high ended graphics in comparison to the old and retro pixelated graphics.Moreover, the said title is highly interactive and it would not be wrong to label the new Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney as a visual novel which provides players with an exclusive experience of communicating to a lot of different characters and reading some hilarious texts as the plotline for the new title is very well drafted. In the Ace Attorney title, players will be able to pick a role of defense lawyer alongside a hamburger lover assistance who can consume the delicious bun at any given point in the entire game.The game would also include some eve witnesses who would try to hide secrets and actual happenings at the crime scene so be prepared to deal with such cranky witnesses in the game. In this, title gamers will have to also deal with the prosecutors who will try to present some acceptable pieces of evidence which could completely destroy your lawyer career. So make sure to present valid proofs to escape the brutal cross-questioning at the end of the prosecutor.One of the in-game prosecutors also carries a whip to the courtroom alongside with his partner who enjoys chugging on to his coffee mug after every two minutes interval which would surely provide some comical moments in your gameplay.The Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney title will surely impress all those players who are looking forward to solving some new criminal stories in a comically relieving scenario and experience some exclusively dramatically courtroom proceedings and resolve to some quick decision making by choosing the appropriate options.Source :- http://www-office.uk/phoenix-wright-ace-attorney-trilogy-remake-coming-soon/
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Mortal Kombat 11: New Gameplay Reveals Kitana and D’Vorah Brutal Fatality

Amongst the leading female fighters in the Mortal Kombat series, Kitana has proven to establish her unique spot, and surely she is also set to be the part of the new upcoming addition to the famous Mortal Kombat series.Kitana is a powerful warrior princess in Mortal Kombat game series, and she is also confirmed to be included in the new Mortal Kombat 11 title. Surely many diehard fans would recognize her from the past iterations of the Mortal Kombat series, but this time around, Kitana has some awesome move sets with mind chilling fatality.A new exclusive gameplay trailer has been revealed which features an intense duel between the two dangerous women’s in Mortal Kombat series. In the teaser trailer the D’Vorah character was set to fight against Kitana and both the characters laid down some deadly punches to their opponent.The trailer confirmed the inclusion of both the playable characters for the upcoming Mortal Kombat 11 and hinted at some of the gore graphics that this forthcoming title would feature.Honestly, Kitana was amongst the few in-game characters which players were certain of being featured in new MK 11 as some of the initial promotional material did feature her in the background, so players are much more excited know as this beloved character is confirmed to be the part of the title.The gameplay footage mainly suggests that the developers do not much hamper the Kitana character and she has all of her unique moves from the previous titles. Certainly, she will still use her dynamic dual fans and use them as blades to cut her enemies into pieces.Also, her hand held fans help her create miniature tornadoes and spring fire wheal which are incredibly deadly against any opponent faced but much more fascinating is her butt slamming attack move which exponentially deals a lot of damage to enemies.Moreover having teleportation move allows her to evade any incoming damage and surprise her enemies by spawning back at any given location on the battlefield. But much more interesting is the speculation floating amongst her fans that suggest that the Kitana would also include some of the movesets which were assigned to her clone sister Mileena.Which indeed points that Mileena may not be the part of the Mortal Kombat 11 title and plausibly her moves are now permanently assigned to Kitana.Let’s see how these two exclusive playable characters would entertain the hyped-up fans as the Mortal Kombat title is set to release in about a few weeks.Surely many more such gameplay would be viral for all the Mortal Kombat fans as some exclusive promotional material is in pipelines for fans to experience and maybe some more in detailed information would also be teased in such trailers.Source :- http://norton-norton.uk/mortal-kombat-11-new-gameplay-reveals-kitana-and-dvorah-brutal-fatality/
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How to Use Screen Pinning in Android Pie/Oreo/Nougat

Do you have a child who often deletes apps from your phone or accidentally texts random people? Well, you can avert this with the screen pinning feature. this feature makes it harder to switch to other apps from one app. Let’s learn how to set it up.How to enable screen pinning on Android PieBefore moving ahead with the app locking process, you must know that these methods will be applicable only with devices having Android Nougat and higher versions. If the Android version is upgradable in your device, upgrade with the latest available version and use the ideal app locking method. Here are the steps for enabling screen pinning in Android 9.0:1. Go to the Settings section on your phone and tap on the Security & location option.2. Now, select the Advanced option.3. You will see the Screen pinning option on the screen. Tap on it.4. Toggle on the screen pinning option to allow the same in your device.5. For enhanced security, you can enable the next option ‘Ask for PIN before unpinning’ as well.6. Go to the Overview icon and tap on it, and then select the app that you desire to lock.7. Choose the ‘Pin’ option by tapping, and then the ‘Got it’ option.8. For unpinning the app, you will have to tap and hold the Back and Overview at the same time9. Provide either your biometrics security option, numbered password, pin or pattern for unpinning the screen.If you don’t know about the Android version running in your device, go the Settings in your phone and then About Phone, and then Software Information to check.How to enable screen pinning on Android Oreo and NougatTo lock apps with screen pinning in the device running older Android versions, follow these steps:1. Go to the Lock Screen and Security option by opening the Settings app in your phone.2. Now, tap on the Other security settings option, and then Pin windows.3. Turn on the screen pinning option available on the screen.4. Also, enable the ‘Ask for PIN before unpinning’ option next to it.5. Tap the Overview section and launch the app that you desire to pin.6. You will see the thumbtack option on the bottom right part of the screen, tap over there and then tap the OK button.7. To unpin, again, touch and hold Back and Overview.8. Type in your security password or unpin through any of the security options that you have set in your Android phone.Source :-http://start-mcafee.com/blog/how-to-use-screen-pinning-in-android-pie-oreo-nougat/
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How to Recover Lost Snapchat Streaks

Snapchat is one of the most exciting social media platforms. It allows you to maintain streaks with your friends by sending snaps every day. You get the flame icon with the name of your friend and the number as well. If you or your friend doesn’t throw a snap a day, the streak breaks and you will have to start the same process again. Though, sometimes the network issue or snapchat glitches can also be the reason behind the disappearing of streaks.The flame doesn’t appear when you start the streaking process with your friends. But it takes three days to see the same. The number also shows with the flame that indicates how long it has been since you started the streaks.Once the streak is about to end, you get to see a timer symbol adjacent to the flame. You must consider that a regular text will not be counted as a streak. Instead, you will have to open the camera and send anything that you want. Also, you can’t maintain streaks in groups. It is only possible with individual friends through pictures and videos. A regular Snapchat can even break your streaks at times. Let’s have a look at how you can get back your Snapchat streaks.How to get back maintained Snapchat streaksThe process to maintain streaks every day is not easy. You have to send a snap once a day, and if you don’t carry one in a day; your streaks will break. The only way to get back your Snapchat is to communicate with the Snapchat customer service executive. Follow these steps to recover your Snap streaks:1. Go to the I Need Help section available on the Support tab.2. You will see the process of how streaks work and when the Need Help With Something Else? Option prompts on screen, choose the Yes option.3. Now, you will have to provide relevant information to get your Snapchat streaks back such as your email, username, device model, phone number as well as your friend’s username with whom you maintained streaks.They want you to provide all the details related to your streaks and whether the breaking was your fault or not. Once you submit all the information, they will look into the matter and might restore your Snapchat Streaks.Another way to get your snap streaks backIf you don’t get your snap streaks back with the above-described method, you can try the usual way. And, that is to start maintaining the snap streaks again. Send a snap regularly a day and ensure that your friend also sends one in a day to keep the streak continued.To keep the snap streaks maintained regularly, you can set alarms also. There are plenty of apps available in the app store for the same purpose. You can find them and get them installed in your device to start using them.Streak Alarm is one of the best apps that reminds you from time to time to send snap streaks. It has a friendly and exciting user-interface for using. Download it today from the Google Play store.Source :- http://en-mcafee.com/how-to-recover-lost-snapchat-streaks/
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Pokemon GO: New Shiny Pikachu available with Ash Ketchum’s Hat!

Niantic has been on a streak of introducing new and exciting events for Pokemon GO fans to enjoy the title. Recently the special Lotad Day event has ended the developer team at Niantic is set to surprise Pokemon fans on this April Fools day.This April Fools day, players will be able to grab on to an exclusive shiny Pikachu with the hat of Ash Ketchum. One of the most loved Pokemon amongst all the known series is Pikachu, and this April fools celebration will feature Pikachu with the hat of his trainer Ash Ketchum.Instead of a regular boost in spawn rate or increased number of rare items, Niantic has made sure to entertain its fans with the most loved Pokemon with his trainer’s trademark red cap on his head.Moreover recently it was also confirmed that Ash Ketchum would be Photobombing in Pokemon Go for the April Fools celebration, but it came to a thrilling surprise when various Pokemon GO enthusiast posted images on their Reddit posts of Shiny Pikachu with the Ash Ketchum’s hat on his head.Players were previously only expecting the random spawn of Ash during the use of AR feature in the game, but as a pleasant surprise, the exclusive Shiny Pikachu also got some love and was added for players to include him to their team.With the addition of Shiny Pikachu to the title, another shiny type is now available for fans to include in their Pokedex. It was initially announced that Ash Ketchum would be coming to the Pokemon GO title to make the trainers excited and motivate them to improve on their regular training to make their Pokemon strong enough to participate in much more challenging tournaments and events.But Pokemon fans who are staying at time zones where 1st April appeared earlier to the other countries told that in addition to the Photobombing Ash Ketchum, his favorite pocket monster is also included to the title as a unique shiny creature who has fooled Ash Ketchum and stolen his favorite red hat.Photographs and screenshots of Shiny Pikachu went viral across the globe in a few hours and trainers were excited to experience this cute little monster with an excellent looking cap on his head.But spotting this unique shiny creature is no easy task, as this special April Fools event has a very minimal spawn rate for the Shiny Pikachu. Even if trainers successfully spot this cute little creature, it still is very challenging to grab on to him as he is very clever and makes a fool of the trainer by escaping very quickly.If you are serious and really looking forward to grabbing on to this special red cap Pikachu, then before throwing any Pokeball at him through some candy toward him to entice the Pikachu and build some rational trust amongst each other.But the Shiny Pikachu is a clever creature, and it is quite likely that he will ignore your offerings, so repeat the action of offering the Sweet Candy towards the Pikachu and observe him until he picks up the candy and start to eat.Once the Shiny Pikachu is relaxed enough to pick up the candy and at, through your best available Pokeball toward the creature to capture him. If possible, offer the Candy at least two times to the Shiny Pikachu as the chance of escaping decreases drastically if the Pokemon accepts your offerings multiple times.It is fascinating to observe such an awesome avatar for the Pikachu as Ash Ketchum, and Pikachu have some special connection between each other, and this red cap defiantly depicts that covalent bound of support and trust between the two.So make sure to grab at least one of the special Shiny red cap Pikachu for yourself to ensure the completion of your Pokedex and enjoy the Pokemon GO title.Source :- http://start-mcafee.com/blog/pokemon-go-new-shiny-pikachu-available-with-ash-ketchums-hat/#Karen Minton is a creative person who has been writing blogs and articles about cybersecurity. She writes about the latest updates regarding mcafee.com/activate and how it can improve the work experience of users. Her articles have been published in many popular e-magazines, blogs, and websites.
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How to Improve Your Writing in MS Office Grammar Tools

All the Microsoft Office applications will help you to improve your grammar skills and Office makes sure that each Microsoft document, Microsoft presentation, and Microsoft email does not have any grammatical mistakes as it does not look while presenting any document in your office. You can take advantage of the Microsoft Office functions and follow the instructions given below to know how to improve your writing in MS Office grammar tools.How to Customize or Create New styles in Microsoft Word?For customizing the Microsoft Word grammar settings, you need to follow the steps given below to know how to customize or create new styles in Microsoft Wordhttps://karenmintonblogexpert.wordpress.com/2019/03/19/how-to-improve-your-writing-in-ms-office-grammar-tools/
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How to Lock Your MacBook to Bolster Privacy

The computers, laptops, mobile phones contain all our personal information and in case you still do not have a lock on your MacBook, then all the data which is stored on your Mac is not safe. While setting up your MacBook, the first thing you should go through is to put a password on your device. If you want to know how to lock your MacBook, then you need to follow the steps given below.How to Stop Auto Login for Users?After starting the users’ system, this process will automatically get the sign in to the Mac account and it will open a front page on your system. This Auto login option is not safe to the system because it permits everyone to use your system. Go through the steps listed below to know how to stop auto login for users:Press on the “Apple” symbol, provided in the top left-hand side of the system display.Choose the “System Preferences” button.Choose “Users and Groups” option.After that, click the “Login Options” given in the icons list.Tap the “Lock” symbol located in the left-hand side of the display which indicates the option “Click the lock to make changes”.Then, type the login password.Press the “Unlock” button.Find the “Automatic login” pull-down menu and make sure that this option should be in disable mode.Now, the users have turned off the “Automatic login” option on their Mac. How to Lock a MacBook Using Apple Icon?In case the users finding that option which will automatically lock their MacBook, then they will get many different ways to do so. Here are the steps to lock their MacBook by using the Apple icon and choose that option which is convenient for them.Press on the “Apple” symbol, provided in the top left-hand side of the Mac display.Choose the “Lock Screen” button.How to Lock a MacBook Using Keyboard Shortcut?In case they do not want to find via “system menus,” then they can lock their MacBook by using keyboard shortcuts keys. They have to type the given key shortcut when they wish to lock their MacBook quickly:Ctrl + Cmd + QHow to Lock MacBook Using Hot Corner?With the help of the Hot corners, the users can do a particular action as Hot corners permit them to do so. The example of this type of action is locking of the Mac, once the system mouse goes to different corners of the Mac. In case users want to turn on this function, then they can go through the steps listed below:Tap on the “Apple” symbol, given in the top left-hand side of the Mac display.Choose the “System Preferences” button.Choose the “Desktop and Screensaver” option located in the icons list and after that make sure they are below the “Screen Saver” option.Press the “Hot Corners” option provided in the end right-hand side of the screen.Choose the “drop-down next to the adjacent corner” option where they wish to access the MacBook after that they have to choose the “Lock Screen” button.Tap “Ok” button for finishing the process and after that, click on the “Close” option for shutting down the tab. https://karenmintonblogexpert.wordpress.com/2019/03/19/how-to-lock-your-macbook-to-bolster-privacy/
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Fortnite: Guide to Prepare for season 8 Week 4 Challenges

Season 8 of Fortnite is making fans excited, and new Battle Pass challenges and in-game content is proving to be quite indulging for fans to interact within the game. And in addition to the ongoing crazy and fun challenges, fans of Fortnite have a new leak to catch on.This new leak is suggesting the entire list of upcoming in-game challenges for season 8 week 4 which is not a big shocker as it is kind of becoming a trend to leak the challenges associated to any game before it is revealed as not every studio developer can maintain the secrecy level compared to Marvel Studios.Well, that aside players of Fortnite can have an initial look at the upcoming week 4 challenges for the season 8 and get a step further to obtain this seasons Battle Star which could be used for improve on their in-game ratings.Lucas7yoshi who is amongst the well known Fortnite leakers have posted a new tweet which hints at various week 4 challenges and provides an image with all the said quests confirmed.As usual this week 4 challenges would feature two different sets of challenges which includes Free Challenges and Battle Pass Challenges. So players can review the provided list of challenges according to their requirements.Below is the list of challenges which gamers can refer to prepare for the upcoming challenges for this week. Although these mentioned challenges are not hard to accomplish, still preparing yourself before-handedly is always wise.Week 4 Free ChallengesLook for two hidden Treasures buried somewhere around the in-game map.Eliminate the enemy using suppressed and Scoped weapon.Use pirate cannon twenty-five time by launching your own self.Week 4 Battle Pass ChallengesDirectly land to the Happy Hamlet.Directly land to the Pleasant Park.Directly land to the Tilted Towers.Directly land to the Retail Row.Directly land to the Junk Junction.Last against 90 other players in a match or at least rank in top 10.Use the new Baller vehicle in five separate matches.Knock out ten enemies at Pleasant Park or Happy Hamlet.These new week 4 challenges for season 8 are planned to go live on the upcoming Tuesday, 21st of March around 7 AM PT. So all the players should at least visit all the mentioned locations if they have missed out in the past to ensure the proper completion of challenges when they are live.Moreover this season 8 would offer various skins, emotes and cosmetics as you progress and improve on your tier in the game. Mostly fans and community members are excited to unlock the Banana King skin which was teased before season 8 was revealed.The banana skin can be unlocked at tier 40 and beyond which is supposedly very high for any new player in the title, but it is important to note that the recent delay in season 8 offered players to complete various Overtime Challenges to collect free Battle Stars.So it seems like Fortnite is trying to imply some extra effort on the part of gamers to accomplish many more challenges to reach up to such high level. Still dedicated Fortnite fans would surely put there learned skills to good use and manage to secure high enough tier to unlock such unique one-time contents.Players will receive a number of unique emotes, skins, wearables and in-game usable items which will definitely force players to make a much more effort to successfully complete all of the ongoing season 8 challenges to make sure they don’t miss out on these super awesome content.Let’s see how players react to this new skin as it would be not very uncommon to see a showdown between Tomato King and Banana King in the coming weeks. Hopefully, you complete all the available events and challenges to secure this times exclusive battle Pass rewards.Source :- http://start-mcafee.com/blog/fortnite-guide-to-prepare-for-season-8-week-4-challenges/Karen Minton is a creative person who has been writing blogs and articles about cybersecurity. She writes about the latest updates regarding mcafee.com/activate and how it can improve the work experience of users. Her articles have been published in many popular e-magazines, blogs, and websites.
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How to capture screenshot on Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+

Capturing screenshot on Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ is a breeze, and this can be done in multiple ways. Here you will get some simple and easy methods to choose from. Some of them also work on all brands of Android phones, where some of them are exclusively for Galaxy phones.Here are five easy ways to capture screenshot on Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+1. Capturing through Buttons2. By palm swiping3. Using Smart capture4. Through Bixby5. Via Google AssistantCapturing through ButtonsThis is the most common and straightforward method for capturing a screenshot, on all brands of Android smartphones. Just use the power button and volume down button of your phone simultaneously, wait for a second and the screen will get captured.https://karenmintonblogexpert.wordpress.com/2019/03/14/how-to-capture-screenshot-on-samsung-galaxy-s9-and-s9/
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How To Transform Pictures in Photos for Mac

The MacBook comes with a bundled app called Photos for editing pictures in the most sophisticated way. It is easy to use and provides an array of options to adjust the brightness, saturation, sharpness etc. of a picture. In this blog, we will explore the method of transforming and editing pictures in the Mac’s Photos app.Steps for adjusting brightness in the Photos app on Mac1. Open the Photos app on your MacBook.2. Select the photo from your library by double-clicking on it.3. There’s an Edit button on the top right navigation panel, click on it.4. In the Adjust panel, drag the slider left or right to adjust the picture brightness.5. When you’ve got the perfect brilliance, select the Done option located at the upper right hand corner on the screen.Steps for adjusting color saturation in the Photos app on Mac1. Open the desired picture in the Photos app on your Mac.2. Click on the Edit button on the top right navigation panel.3. In the Color option, drag the slider left or right to adjust the saturation level.4. Click Done when it’s done.Steps for converting a picture to black & white in the Photos app on Mac1. Open the desired picture in the Photos app on your Mac.2. Click on the Edit button on the top right navigation panel.3. Move the Black & White slider left and right to adjust the black & white intensity of the picture. The sub-edits of Neutrals, Tone, and Grain can also be adjusted under the same b&w mode.4. Click Done when you’re finished.Steps for adjusting white balance, noise reduction, and more filters in Photos for Mac1. Open the desired picture in the Photos app on your Mac.2. Click on the Edit button on the top right navigation panel.3. Click the arrow next to the desired adjustment you’d like to make to the picture and choose from the range of options from Vignette to Retouch.4. When you’ve got the perfect brilliance, click Done.Steps for adjusting sharpness in the Photos app for Mac1. Open the desired picture in the Photos app on your Mac.2. Click on the Edit button on the top right navigation panel.3. On the panel to the right, click on the arrow next to Sharpen button.4. You can either drag the slider to manually adjust the sharpness or click Auto to let the app sharpen the picture through automatic mode.5. Click Done when you’ve modified the sharpness.Steps for adjusting Definition with Photos on Mac1. Open the desired picture in the Photos app on your Apple device.2. Click on the Edit button located at the upper right navigation panel.3. Hit the arrow next to the definition button.4. Now, move the slider to the left or right to modify the image’s definition. There’s an Auto button if you’d like to have it done automatically.5. Click Done when you’ve adjusted the definition. source :- http://start-mcafee.com/blog/how-to-transform-pictures-in-photos-for-mac/Karen Minton is a creative person who has been writing blogs and articles about cybersecurity. She writes about the latest updates regarding mcafee.com/activate and how it can improve the work experience of users. Her articles have been published in many popular e-magazines, blogs, and websites
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How to Transfer Music from PC To Android Phone

As iTunes cannot be used with the Android phones, the Windows and Mac users look for the solutions for helping them to control the music among PC and Android or many Android phones. Here, you will get to know how to transfer music from PC or Mac to Android phone by using the USB cable and Droid Transfer.How to Transfer Music from PC to Android Using USB Cable?The easiest method for transferring music from PC to Android is by using the Universal Serial Bus cable. The users need to apply steps for both the computer and the Mac differently because the transferring steps are not similar to each other. Here’s how:• Pair the Android phone to the computer with the help of the Universal Serial Bus cable.• In case the users get the option of selecting the connecting alternative, then they have to choose “Transfer Files” option.• Choose any of the music by going to the songs folder on the system for transferring it into the Android phone.• Place the files in the folder which is named as “Music” on the Android phone.How to Transfer Music from Mac to Android Using USB Transfer?In case you are a Mac user and wish to transfer all the music from your Mac to Android phone, then you have to follow the given steps to know how to transfer music from Mac to Android using USB Transfer:• The users need to go through the downloading and installing process of “Android File Transfer” on their Mac.• Pair the Android to the Mac with the help of the Universal Serial Bus cable.• They can also choose the other connectivity options between the Mac and Android or they can choose “Transfer Files” option.• They need to choose the folder where they wish to keep the music on Android.• Place the files inside the folder which is known as Music provided in the Android phone.How to Transfer Music Using Droid Transfer?In case you wish for transferring music from your system to Android phone, then you can do so by following the steps listed below:Steps for Transferring Music from PC to AndroidThis is a simple process for transferring the music from the PC to Android phone by using Droid Transfer. Follow the steps mentioned below to know how to transfer music using Droid Transfer:• They need to start the downloading process of “Droid Transfer” and pair the PC with the Android phone.• They have to tap the “Music” folder by clicking on the following menu list.• Tap the “Add Music” option or pull the music from the PC in the Droid Transfer desktop.Steps for Transferring Music from iTunes to AndroidAndroid transfer will help the users for syncing the music from iTunes to their Android phone and also from their Android to iTunes. They can copy the hidden music to the Android phone by clicking to an option.They can select to change the control settings that which music they wish to transfer from iTunes to Android device by using the “Advanced Sync” options.Source :- http://start-mcafee.com/blog/how-to-transfer-music-from-pc-to-android-phone/Karen Minton is a creative person who has been writing blogs and articles about cybersecurity. She writes about the latest updates regarding mcafee.com/activate and how it can improve the work experience of users. Her articles have been published in many popular e-magazines, blogs, and websites.
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Top Electronic Items to Gift this Holiday Season

Gifting has become so much easier due to the advancement in technology. Now rather than thinking about the endless gifts that may not be as useful, we can consider gifting the latest gadgets to our loved ones. Considering the higher price range of electronic items, they are naturally a gift one can give only to those who they are really close.https://karenminton1.wordpress.com/2018/12/25/top-electronic-items-to-gift-this-holiday-season/
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