How to Use Google Maps Timeline on Computers

Now you can access your Google Maps Timeline on your computer to view and manage your location history info. You can access your Google Maps Timeline on your mobile also. With your Google Maps Timeline, you can check the location history of a specific day including distance and other details. You can also edit and delete your location history from a single day to all. Here is how to view, edit timeline, turn on or off, and delete your location history.How to view your travel on your computerYou can check your travels including the details like the distance you traveled, places you visited, and the way you’ve traveled with.1. Open ‘Google Maps’ on your computer.2. Sign in with the same google account you’re using on your mobile.3. Click the ‘Hamburger’ icon at the top left side.4. Click on ‘Timeline.’5. To view travels of a specific day, select a day, month and year at the top.If you want to see the places you’ve visited, then:• Click the ‘Hamburger’ icon.• Click ‘Your places.’• Select ‘Visited.’How to turn on or off your location historyIf the location history is turned on, Google record and store your location information and places into your Google account. Although your information is private but still you want to stop recording your location information then here is how.1. Open ‘Google Maps’ on your computer.2. Click the ‘Hamburger’ icon at the top left side.3. Click on ‘Timeline.’4. Go to ‘Settings.’5. Select ‘Enable/Pause Location History’ as you want.How to edit your Google Maps Timeline on ComputerYou can delete information of a single day as well as the entire location history. If you see any incorrect information (Place) on your Timeline, then you can also edit the location. But, to edit your Timeline, you need to turn on Web & App Activity. Without enabling Web & App Activity, you can’t do anything.1. Open ‘Google Maps’ on your computer.2. Click the ‘Hamburger’ icon at the top left side.3. Click on ‘Timeline.’4. Find the location information you want to edit.5. Click the ‘Down arrow’ of the place you want to edit.6. Search and select the correct place.If you want to edit the time, then click on time and modify it as you wish.How to delete location history from your TimelineIf you want to remove the history of a day you’d visited in the past, then you can, but it is a permanent action. Once it deletes, it will remove completely and you can’t get it back. But, if the settings like “Web & App Activity” is activated, then you may find the deleted information in your Google Account as the part of its data.Steps to delete the location history of a single day:1. Open ‘Google Maps’ on your computer.2. Click the ‘Hamburger’ icon at the top left side.3. Click on ‘Timeline.’4. Find and select the day.5. Click the ‘Delete’ icon at the top corner of the left panel.6. Click ‘Delete day.’That’s it! The day will be removed from location history.Steps to delete all location history:1. Open ‘Google Maps’ on your computer.2. Click the ‘Hamburger’ icon at the top left side.3. Click on ‘Timeline.’4. Go to ‘Settings.’ You can also directly click on the ‘Delete’ icon at the lower right corner.5. And click on ‘Delete all location history.’6. Then click on ‘Delete location history.’That’s it! Doing this will remove the complete location history from your Timeline.To install McAfee on your Mac visit on mcafee.com/activate.Source: http://i-mcafee.com/how-to-use-google-maps-timeline-on-computers/
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How to Fix an iPhone Speaker Not Working Issue?

iPhone speaker not working issue can be more crucial than it looks. Once it becomes big, it will start irritating you. You must be having earphones for listening to the music, but if there is no sound on the phone, then you can’t even hear to the incoming calls, notifications, alert tones or the text messages. It isn’t particularly challenging to fix an iPhone whose speaker isn’t doing well, but it may be a little tricky.Check the ringer and the volumeAlthough it can be an obvious suggestion, it is very good to start with small things. One possible reason for your iPhone low sound is because you have set it to silent. There are three buttons in every iPhone namely one for ringer, one for mute and two buttons of volume. Mute switch disables all of the sounds for notifications and the calls. Volume buttons are managing the overall loudness of the device. Try to toggle the ringer switch first for making them work again. For doing this, flip it downwards so that orange shows in the switch. Flip it back again. Try to raise the volume of your phone to the maximum.Check settings of the soundIf the above step didn’t work well with you, tell the software contexts that are related to iPhone’s speaker. The reason behind this can be that you have turned off the sounds that are connected to the phone’s function. Go to Settings> Sounds and Haptics for checking the settings well. These settings will be controlling the overall phone volume. Even if the button is functioning or not. Users should try to change settings that include setting new ringtone, text tone, etc.Is your iPhone stuck in HeadPhone Mode?Audio output can be sent to a place at one point. Users might be thinking that their iPhone speakers are working fine, the reason behind it can be that their iPhone is stuck there in headphone mode. It can be tucked even if no headphones are plugged in.Turn the Bluetooth offiPhone speaker won’t be able to play sounds properly if the sent audio is to other devices from the iPhone. Sometimes you are not able to hear anything not because the iPhone is sending audio to another speaker. Users can listen to the sound that is being played from Bluetooth speaker. Turn off the Bluetooth for breaking the connection. Start playing the audio through iPhone speaker. For turning the Bluetooth off:Go to settings.Click Bluetooth.Tap move the Bluetooth.Put it to white/off.Dave Hogan is a creative person who has been writing blogs and articles about cyber security. He writes about the latest updates regarding McAfee.com/activate and how it can improve the work experience of users. His articles have been published in many popular e-magazines, blogs and websites.Source: https://joemertin.wordpress.com/2019/03/12/how-to-fix-an-iphone-speaker-not-working-issue/
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How to Subscribe Podcasts and Add Episodes on Overcast app

Overcast is one of the best podcast apps for the iPhone and iPad because of its powerful features and elegant simplicity. Once you get used to the Overcast, you will be flying through the app.Want to know how much the Overcast is efficient? Here is the guide to use Overcast and add podcasts on it.Steps to Subscribe Podcasts and Add Episodes on Overcast app1. Open the ‘Overcast’ app on your phone.2. Tap on the ‘+’ icon button at the top right corner.3. On the next screen, you’ll find the podcasts of different categories and recommendations. If your Twitter account is linked with the Overcast app, then you will also see the recommendations from Twitter.4. Open ‘Search’ bar from the top to search for a particular show.5. If you like a show and want to add it to your library, just tap on it. This will open its details and episodes list.To Subscribe a Show: Tap on the ‘Subscribe’ button of it.To Add an individual podcast, Play or share: Simply tap on the ‘Podcast’ and select a command from prompted options.It’s done! The show or podcasts is added to your library, and now you can stay updated with the show.Steps to Subscribe Podcasts and Add Episodes on Overcast app with URL1. Open the ‘Overcast’ app on your phone.2. Tap on the ‘+’ icon button at the top right corner.3. Tap on ‘Add URL’ option.4. Enter the URL into the field either by typing or by pasting from clipboard.5. Then, tap on the ‘Done’ button on your keyboard.6. Select the ‘Podcasts’ from the results.7. And follow the above steps to subscribe and add it to your library.The podcast will be added to your library you can go to your Overcast library and play it from there.How to enable Dark Mode on Overcast app1. Open Overcast’s ‘Settings’ from the top-left Overcast icon.2. On the settings screen, turn on ‘Dark Theme’ switch.Immediately the background change into dark and typography will also change. Dark mode makes everything calmer.How to manage podcasts playlist and create a smart playlist1. Tap on ‘New Playlist’ icon.2. Then, tap on ‘New Smart Playlist.’3. Give a name to your playlist.4. Tap on the ‘Sort’ option and select ‘Newest to Oldest.’5. Now, tap on ‘Add Podcasts’ and select podcasts.6. Tap on ‘Select Priority Podcasts’ and choose the podcasts you want on the top of your playlist.7. When all complete, tap on ‘Done’ to save.That’s it! Enjoy your new Smart Playlist.Dave Hogan is a self-professed security expert; he has been making the people aware of the security threats. His passion is to write about Cyber security, cryptography, malware, social engineering, internet and new media. He writes for Norton security products at norton.com/setup.Source: http://uk-norton.com/how-to-subscribe-podcasts-and-add-episodes-on-overcast-app/
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How to make a Favorite Contacts list on iOS devices

By making the list of favourites in your phone-book, you can easily find and call the most important people in your life. You can add anybody from your phone contacts list to your Favourites list. To make your essential contacts appear on the top, you can rearrange the order of the phone list. You can check your Favourites contact list from many different places on your iOS device.The two methods to make a list of favourite contacts on an iOS:Making a Favorites ListClick the Mobile tab on your iOS.It will show your iOS’ mobile application. The Mobile tag has a Mobile icon, and you can find this in your iOS Dock.Press the “Favorites” button. At the last of the display, you will get this.Click the “+” tab at the top of your display. In iPhone 10, you will find this in the upper left of the display. In iPhone 9, you will find this in the upper right of the display. This will display you a list of all the contacts that were saved in your phonebook. • Whether clicking the “+” tab, it will do nothing, on the home display double click it and after that slide, the Mobile screen away to close it. Go back to your Home display and click the Mobile application so that you can try it again. The”+” tab in the favourites button will start working now.Choose the contacts that you wish to insert to your Favorites menu list. You can take help of Search bar at the top of the menu list to search for someone particular.Select the contact method that you like to use. You can choose it from Call, Message, Mail, or Video, based on the contact details stored for that person you had selected. When you put them in the Favourites list of your mobile, this is a method that you will use to call them.Choose the phone number or address you wish to use.After choosing the calling method, you can select the actual phone number or address of that person. Take an example, if you choose “Call”, you will be displayed all the mobile numbers for that contact to pick from. If you had chosen “Mail”, You will get all of their email ID. Choose the one you like to use when you click the contact in your Favourites contact list.Continue to insert contacts.You have a limit of 50 connections to add on your favourites list, but it will work well when you limit to enter only a few contacts in your favourites list. • You can insert the same person many times and choose different calling methods for each of the connections.Reorganising Your FavoritesGo to the Favorites button in the mobile application. It will show your latest list of Favourites.Click the “Edit” tab on the top.In iPhone 10, you will find this at the top. In iPhone 9, it is at the top of the display.Press and pull the menu down to swipe the contact. Press the menu tab and swipe the contact up or down the list.Press the “-” tab and the “Delete” to detect contact.It will remove the contact from the Favourites list, but not remove it from your phone book.Click “Done” when you completed.This would go to the Favorite old list, permitting you to insert more contacts if you want.Harry Williams is a Microsoft Office expert and has been working in the technical industry since 2002. As a technical expert, Harry Williams has written technical blogs, manuals, white papers, and reviews for many websites such as office.com/setup.Source: http://setpoffice.com/blog/how-to-make-a-favorite-contacts-list-on-ios-devices/
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What are the Ways to Cancel an Amazon Prime Free Trial

An Amazon Prime free trial is needed to obtain Channels with the help of Prime Video. If you want to end up your membership of Amazon Prime free trial, anyone of the Channels which are linked with your account is naturally removed.If you later want to join free trial again, you can stop your cancellation request before it expires. In case you start this after expiry date then you have to start a new subscription.There are two methods to cancel an Amazon Prime Free Trial:1. By using Mobile Application Start Amazon.The application is white with a blue shopping cart icon. It will open Amazon Home application after signing up. • In case you do not sign up to your Amazon account, click Sign in, type your email ID and the password, and then click Sign in.Press Account option.You will find it on top of the display. • On Android gadgets, it is located to the right of the search bar.Click Prime.In iOS, it is at the bottom of the menu list or in Android, and it is at the top of the menu list.Go down and click Manage Prime Membership.It is located on the bottom of the page.Go down, and press Do not continue.Below the “Prime Payment Settings” column, you will see this choice near the bottom of the page.Go down and click Continue to Cancel. This is a last tab on the page.Press End on the expiration date. If you click end then no Prime Membership left for you, it is located on the top of the display. • Take an example, the free trial of yours end in the date of December 16th 2018, this tab will read “End on December 16, 2018.2. By using Desktop SiteStart the Amazon website.When you are already signed in, start your Amazon home page. • In case you are not signed in into Amazon, go to Account & Lists column, press Sign in, type your email ID and the password, and press Sign inHang the mouse over Account and Lists.It is located on the top side of the page. It will show you a drop-down menu list.Press Your Account.This option will be in “Your Account” on the right side of the “Account and Lists”in the menu list.Press Manage Prime Membership.Below the “More Order Actions”, it is located in the middle.Press Do not continue.This option is on the middle of the display, underneath the “Payment History”.Press Continue to Cancel. It is at the bottom of the page.Press End on the expiration date. It is at the top of the screen. By pressing on it will end your Prime membership.Harry Williams is a Microsoft Office expert and has been working in the technical industry since 2002. As a technical expert, Harry Williams has written technical blogs, manuals, white papers, and reviews for many websites such as office.com/setup.http://setpoffice.com/blog/what-are-the-ways-to-cancel-an-amazon-prime-free-trial/
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