Trump Plan To Transport Illegal Border Crossers to Sanctuary Cities Makes Liberals Live By Their Own Rules  

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When your own "Rules for Radicals" comes back to bite you

When I first heard that President Trump is considering releasing illegal aliens into sanctuary cities, I laughed. Out loud. There may have been giggling, too, as I pondered the implications and read the outraged outraging of the left.
The absolute chaos the very idea has created on the left is hilarious and underscores the effective power of Alinsky, even against those who know the rules inside and out. They are by turns expressing outrage (is this even legal? He can't do that!) and sputtering defiance (We'll take all the illegals you can send our way. So there!).
The rollout of this is a master class in the perfect execution of Alinsky's Rule #4. In three tweets, the president has Democrats scrambling to readjust their slipped masks. They are in chaos, unsure how to respond and becoming increasingly aware that their initial outrage at the very thought revealed to all that they are not in the least interested in having their cities and states flooded with hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens.