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Will Debates Include Obama's Clean Power Plan?

Will Debates Include Obama's Clean Power Plan?

Should the Presidential Debates include questions on the Supreme Court stay of the Clean Power Plan, which is considered the centerpiece of the Obama legacy? Or should the media continue their total news blackout on energy related issues, including the Senate Report on Obama's Billionaires Club?

This should be one of the most important issues in this presidential debate, because it highlights conclusively the greatest differences between these two candidates on Global Warming.

Hillary Clinton's Plan for Advanced Buildings: Creating Jobs, Reducing Pollution and Saving Americans Money clearly articulates every aspect of the media double-standard in coverage of the economic impact of corrupt EPA policies on our economy, courts and culture. Media fact-checking of Hillary's delusional claims is not an option, that would be sexist, or racist, xenophobic, homophobic, islamophobic or just downright hate-filled.

Mainstream media would have you believe this is simply a question of good verses evil. Specifically, the good EPA Public/Private Partnerships trying to eliminate barriers to competition, verses the evil American business community that reject science and cost-effective solutions for protecting the planet.

If in doubt about media complicity in this deception, simple consider the media blackout of all factual information regarding Obama's Clean Power Plan since the Supreme Court decision. Ask yourself why no one raised a single question when the EPA quietly removed all language concerning 'energy efficiency' from the Clean Power Plan? The answer is found in Hillary's Plan for Advanced Buildings!

The EPA's comprehensive Clean Power Plan was originally crafted with four separate Building Blocks, which together was to represent EPA's best system for emission reductions. Yet, when the 4th Building Block concerning 'energy efficiency' mysteriously disappeared, none of the highly-paid lawyers, lobbyist or activist offered any explanations on the subject.

The single most expensive aspect of the Clean Power Plan was simply deemed to be irrelevant by the political elite and the media. After spending tens of billions of our tax dollars on scientific research for the ENERGY STAR program, suddenly no one wants to talk about EPA's extraordinary 'energy efficiency' claims. Or the 'freebies' provided to EPA's partners, the large corporations pretending to believe that Global Warming represents mankind's greatest threat.

In reality, the EPA had pulled a Bait & Switch routine with the 4th Building Block and the mainstream media was fully aware of this fact, because they have been fully invested in this fraud for decades.

EPA had selected its own ENERGY STAR brand in a No-Bid process as the sole source for 'energy efficiency' in the Clean Power Plan. Media knew that it was completely illegal for EPA to do this, so they remained silent as EPA quietly replaced the 4th Building Block with the Clean Energy Incentive Program (CEIP).

CEIP is a worthless document that doesn't contain any specific language regarding 'energy efficiency', just investment opportunities in EPA's unique product. Media also is aware of these phony investment programs, they've been suppressing news on the boondoggle known as Save Energy Now for years. This pathetic program has universities conducting 'free' audits of industrial facilities, and claiming to have saved billions for EPA's partners. Clock Boy science at its best! 

The Clean Power Plan doesn't contain any guidance on how State's would meet 'energy efficiency' requirements, just vague references about how other state's have supposedly achieved massive reductions. All of Hillary's bogus claims of 'energy efficiency' come directly from scientific research conducted by corrupt government bureaucracies like those associated with the Poised For Profits Partnership.

Media will never disclose the details on those massive research programs, because they all ended in abject failure by any honest standard of accounting. Because there are no standards from which to base the results, only the proclamations of lawyers, lobbyist and consultants repeating the Big Lie over and over again.

ENERGY STAR, is arguably the most corrupt government program in US history. This State Owned Enterprise was created by President Bill Clinton in the early 1990's under a policy known as Market Transformation. 

There is no National Standard for measuring energy efficiency in technology, yet the EPA is making billions from marketing ENERGY STAR's magical product in Global markets.

Hillary Clinton may be one of the most qualified people on the planet to address EPA's secretive programs and Obama's Clean Power Plan. With 100 million viewers expected to watch the Presidential Debates on Monday, what better opportunity would Hillary Clinton have to provide details on how her Advance Buildings Initiative will save Americans money and create jobs?

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